'Fans behaving badly? Never fear', and the acceptability of drunkeness

By Motorhead · Nov 14, 2009 · ·
  1. Motorhead
    Hello everyone. Wow, went to Quebec City for Halloween weekend with some old high school buddies to see Metallica and had a blast. Caught the chest cold from hell however and passed it on to the kiddies. Been down and out for the better part of two weeks now, and just starting to come around.

    Read this interesting piece from ESPN yesterday:Fans behaving badly? Never fear. It's about the general rowdiness that occurs at college football games in the US, and the new high tech measures many schools are implimenting to deal with the 'problem'. Rowdiness and rude behaviour is nothing new at sporting events, and it certainly isn't limited to the US. However, I find it interesting how the real cause of unruly behaviour-alcohol-is mentioned in the article almost in passing.

    I think the real title for the article should be:'Booze, it can turn anyone into pricks'.

    Now drinking at games is nothing new, and I for one am not against banning booze. I am a big sports fan, and a big fan of alcohol. It's just that booze and sports is culturally ingrained into western society.

    The article goes on to detail how many stadiums have started a text messaging system to identify unruly fans, increased video surveillance, and other high tech methods. Nowhere does the piece suggest that alcohol or drunk people be barred from games. Tailgating is being curtailed at certain statiums both at the college and Pro level, but an outright ban on booze is never mentioned.

    Of course drug use is frowned upon:

    I wonder what drugs are popular at college football games? I wonder if it is marijuana and that the people being busted for dealing and possession are for weed? Either way it goes to show that western society embraces alcohol with open arms, no matter how it makes people behave.

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  1. Mona Lisa
    This is so true and is a load of hypocricy. I'm afraid that's just how it is though.
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