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  1. Phungushead
    CHARLESTON, W.Va. - Deputies are investigating reports of a new, weird, powerful drug concoction.

    The drug, known as "mollies," is actually ecstasy and hallucinogenic mushrooms mixed with cocaine or heroin.

    The drug has been sold on the streets of Scarbro, Oak Hill, Glen Jean and Mount Hope, according to a statement from the Fayette County Sheriff's office.

    This is the first that Sgt. Glenn Chapman said he has heard of the drug. The department first began hearing of the substance last week. In fact, they haven't even seen the drug in person yet.

    So far, they are relying on information from those who have used the drug.

    Users told police the drug is tan in color, similar to crack cocaine. Detectives suspect users ingest the drug orally because of its "chewy" texture and consistency.

    Dealers are advertising the drug as Ecstasy but the effects are said to be far more potent than a normal dose of the party drug.

    Some users said they couldn't remember the three days immediately after they ingested it, Chapman said.

    A person described by authorities as a "well-known local drug user" told detectives a single dose of mollies caused him to hallucinate and "lose total control of his mind" for two days. The user, who told police he had used various narcotics since adolescence, said he "never experienced anything like the effects of this drug," and was forced to seek medical attention because of its effects.

    "He came to us on his own after leaving the hospital," Chapman said. "He told us 'You guys have got to get this stuff off the street. It's dangerous.'"

    The user told deputies another person passed the drugs off to him as Ecstasy, something he had experience with. He couldn't recall how much he had taken, Chapman said.

    Deputies who have dealt with individuals under the influence of mollies said the users could not control their body movements, were hyperventilating, exhibited profuse sweating and extremely high blood pressure. Users also couldn't comprehend simple questions or commands.

    "The biggest thing is that they're just tee-totally out of their minds," Chapman said of the affected users.

    The detective said investigators have checked with law enforcement agencies in Raleigh County and found that the drug was not yet noted in the Beckley area. State police investigators told Chapman they haven't encountered the drug. Detectives with the Metro Drug Unit in Charleston were unaware of it.

    Sheriff Steve Kessler said the drug is apparently just now hitting the streets.

    "The 'normal' drug problems that we deal with - cocaine, crack, marijuana, methamphetamine and the epidemic of prescription drug abuse - is bad enough," Kessler said in the release. "Southern West Virginia already leads the nation in deaths attributed to drug overdose. We certainly do not need batches of homemade poison circulating on the streets of Fayette County."

    The sheriff warned that even legal drugs if taken improperly have the potential to kill the user or cause serious health problems. With home-manufactured drugs now prevalent on the streets, he said users have no idea what they are taking.

    "Users of illicit drugs are literally taking their lives into their own hands," Kessler said.

    He said normal investigative procedure would call for investigators to track down the source of the drug and eliminate the source. Detectives are working to determine where the drug is coming from.

    "Given the potential lethality of this drug, however, we felt that we needed to get the word out that people need to be extremely cautious about trying new types of drugs," Kessler said. "The effects may be far more than they bargained for."

    Friday November 4, 2011

    by Ashley B. Craig


  1. Dark Mage
    This story seems like a case of Law Enforcement being mis-informed and exploiting the information (provided by a unreliable source) to make the public fearful over something that hasn't been clearly identified and tested.

    Stating that the drug is a combination of "Ecstasy and Mushrooms mixed with Cocaine and Heroin" in pill form which makes "(some) users not remember three days immediately after they ingested it" sounds far fetched and unrealistic based on the (type of) drugs mentioned and the (common) effects associated with those drugs.

    Plus the statement "He came to us on his own after leaving the hospital," Chapman said. "He told us 'You guys have got to get this stuff off the street. It's dangerous.'" sounds completely fabricated.

    This is more then likely a case of a "Bad Batch" of Ecstasy or a Research Chemical being sold as Ecstasy not some new "epidemic" that is going to cause society to destroy themselves.

    SWIM is considering e-mailing the writer of this story because it's so ridiculous, SWIM is almost out-raged.
  2. Terrapinzflyer
    I saw this a couple days ago- but the only news sources I could find were, shall we say, less then reputable.

    IT really makes little sense- police have not seen it and say they are relying on info from users- yet they are "assuming" it is taken orally?! One would think one of their "well known drug users" would have told them how it was ingested. And if taken orally cocaine & heroin make little sense as adulterants, and the amount of psilocybin mushrooms that would need to be mixed in would make it impossible to pass off as ecstasy.

    This really makes little sense on a number of levels, and I do see tinges of the idea some passed around during the mephedrone craze in the UK to discredit the Daily Mail and other tabloids by getting them to publish stories on a made up "new drug threat".
  3. rawbeer
    This story reads like an anti drug article from the 1960's and I actually enjoyed it at that level - I mean how can cops in this day and age still be so childishly gullible about drugs? It sounds like a confused high school student who never took the drug but just heard some "older boys" talking about it in the locker room is the informant here.

    That's what always amused me about older anti-drug articles, back when all but the very wisest cops were just totally out to lunch on what drugs like pot and LSD even looked like or how they were taken, or what they did.

    But now for cops to be so stupid? It's just inexcusable. Don't they have an internet connection at the police station? If they're really that concerned with this drug shouldn't they do the most cursory research on it? Seriously, ten fucking minutes on the internet would do these guys some good, and they'd realize how fucking retarded they sound here.

    This is grade A vintage bullshit, good fun. I've heard people say there are some really backward folk in West Virginia...
  4. Ghetto_Chem
    Ya it sounds like they got their facts all fucked up. Most likely their "info" about what the drug actually contains comes from users that heard it from their dealers. And most likely everything the dealer told them was complete bullshit, selling points, to make the sale easier. Claiming this substance as a mix of more reputable drugs to try and pass it off. Honestly to swims friend this sounds like MDPV being passed off as MDMA or a mix of other drugs. Two days of feeling like fucked up and losing your mind sounds like some experience reports on MDPV, of course this will not be known until its been found and tested. But thats what swim would put his money on.

  5. godlike1213
    Somethings not right here, these law informants need an education. First off how could you fill cocaine, heroin, MDMA, and FUCKING MUSHROOMS into a pill? For an active dose of mushrooms, well moderately good ones that is, stronger ones are probably less, an 8th ounce is consumed. So they some how got mushrooms, MDMA, cocaine, AND heroine into a tan rock form? Please. They really need some education. It's probably more like a RC such as 3b-bromodragonfly, or maybe or a Nbome. I dought anyone who consumes MDMA, heroin, cocaine, AND MUSHROOMS would live to tell the tale.
  6. baba_yaga
    I mean obviously it depends on dosage, but assuming ordinary doses, it doesn't sound like an immediately deadly combo.

    Think it would be largely overpowered by the mushrooms and MDMA. The coke would as it does wear off quickly after a short happy/speedy burst, the heroin would give it a lighter more carefree atmosphere.

    The biggest risk would be the MDMA-cocaine combo, but that's been done lots of times without note before.
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