FBI 'Operation Gator Bait' nets huge drug haul in Texas and Louisiana

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    FBI 'Operation Gator Bait' nets huge drug haul in Texas and Louisiana, arms and ammo seized

    Three men were indicted Tuesday for possession and distribution of cocaine in “Operation Gator Bait,” conducted by the FBI.

    Jose Angel Ramirez, Mario Ernesto Arteaga and Roberto Alcala Trujillo were discovered with give kilograms of cocaine and 50 grams of cocaine. Ramerez was charged with illegal use of communication facilities.

    The FBI stated that Ramirez was one of two Huston sourced that supplied kilograms of cocaine to defendant Willie Jones, Jr., who is known as “Gator,” along with others in the Baton Rouge area.

    The defendants each face a sentence of not less than ten years to a maximum of life, and a maximum fine of $4,000,000.

    “Operation Gator Bait” was a multi jurisdictional task force for Louisiana. The group was formed to arrest people involved with organizing, financing and directing the high level drug trafficking group.

    The three defendants arrested on Friday were apprehended in conjunction with an 11 month long investigation conducted by federal authorities in the Southern District of Texas that began following the arrest of Suzanna Voelker in December of 2008 on an arrest warrant issued from this District as part of the original Operation “Gator Bait”

    Authorities in Houston, located Voelker at a house on Magnolia Crest Place in Houston. A search of the house resulted in the seizure of 26.5 kilograms of cocaine valued at more than $500,000, 848 grams of crack cocaine, 1500 pills of 3,4 MDMA or ecstasy, 1000 hydrocodone pills and five pounds of marijuana.

    Agents also recovered thousands of rounds of ammunition and numerous loaded firearms including semi-automatic rifles; FN Herstal, Model Five-Seven, 5.7 x 28 mm pistols; FN Herstal, Model FS2000, 5.56 mm carbines; 22LR caliber pistols; UZI Model A, 9mm rifles; 9mm sub-machine guns including one with a silencer; a Coharie, Model CA89, 9mm assault weapon; a Smith and Wesson, Model 38-2 Ladysmith, .38 special revolver; a green metallic ammunition box containing an aggregate total of 1,303 rounds of ammunition of various calibers; and 3,132 assorted rounds of ammunition of various calibers.

    The Houston investigation has resulted in the indictment of an additional 10 individuals in the Southern District of Texas and additional charges against Voelker. Four of the defendants in the Houston indictment are charged with firearms violations including dealing in firearms without a license. Six of the defendants are charged with drug related offenses. The investigation also led to the seizure of more than 800 marijuana plants, more than 1100 pounds of cultivated marijuana and more than 20 firearms on Friday.

    October 28, 4:22 AM FBI Examiner Virginia McCabe


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