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FBI says officers ran drugs, money for fake mobsters

  1. jholmes800
    MIAMI - Four Hollywood police officers have been arrested after they provided protection and ran drugs and money for what they thought was an organized crime group but was instead an FBI sting operation, a law enforcement source said Thursday.
    The source, who is familiar with the case, spoke on condition of anonymity because the case is sealed until today. The source would not provide further details.
    Hollywood Police Chief Jim Scarberry said the officers are veterans, but he declined further comment.
    The on-duty FBI spokesman in Miami did not immediately return calls seeking comment.
    The identities of the four officers were not immediately available, but they were expected to appear today in federal court in Fort Lauderdale.
    The Hollywood department has been tangentially involved in the investigation of Anna Nicole Smith's death. The former Playboy Playmate of the Year died Feb. 8 at a hotel on an Indian reservation within the city limits. The lead agency has been the Seminole Indian police.
    The department was in the national spotlight in 1981 when 6-year-old Adam Walsh was abducted from a Sears store and murdered. The case has never been solved and Adam's father, John Walsh, later became host of the television series "America's Most Wanted." He has been critical of the department's investigation.



  1. Triple7
    Can someone link news on when officers from DEA or FBI themselves laundered money and sold drugs? Would be some interesting new to read.

    (please PM)
  2. Nagognog2
    Which time? This sort of thing is always making the news - or being hushed-up. Several cops from Boston, Massachusetts were caught recently running a protection racket for organized crime. And there was the DEA agent who tried to explain that the suitcase full of cocaine they found at Boston's Logan International Airport was "evidence" in a case. And that's just Boston!

    Cops, like anyone else, see the tons of money to be made. And quite a few decide they are cops and immune to suspicion - and merrily proceed to "get their fair share."

    It would be nice if the FBI devoted as much time and resources to this kind of investigation. Instead of monitoring anti-war meetings looking for al Qaida operatives in high schools and church basements.
  3. Triple7
    It took me some time to find back here. =)

    There were recently, few days ago, news here in Sweden. A swedish man in Pattaya got caught with lot of drugs, syringes and steroids. When the police came, he showed them a badger with id. This man claimed to do undercover work for the police in Stockholm. In the article, the story goes on that the police in Stockholm denies that he works for them.

    Nagognog2: Just something that you find delicious. =)
  4. Jigga0o7
    that is so unfortunate for those crooked cops..
  5. CRUNK
    Tiss is a damn shame...
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