FDA approves the first transdermal patch for ADHD

By pharmapsyche · Jan 25, 2006 · ·
  1. pharmapsyche
    I read an article in my local newspaper that the FDA recently approved of a new way to treat childhood ADHD: a transdermal patch containing methylphenidate. The patch was devoloped by Noven pharmaceuticals. Shire teamed up with Noven in testing the safety and effectivness of the patch. The original verdict was that the patch caused severe side effects (tics, twitching, insomnia, etc.) which were intolerable. After further review, however, the FDA approved the patch, saying it was indeed a safe and effective form of treatment. The patch might be marketed under the brand name "Daytrana", according to the article.

    I did a quick search on google and found this from November '05:


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  1. sadskills1987
    could the end of america's small ritalin blowing culture be in the not too distant future? what a sad sight. the man is always looking for a new way to make sure that the kids aren't "abusing" their meds. what's a better way to check then to see if little johnny is wearing his patch, BULLSHIT!! it's an end to security, privacy and decency!! anywho.. somebody should set up some kind of contest for who can find the best method to extract mph out of the patch.
  2. pharmapsyche
    My brief response to the comment above is this: whoa nelly, you are a bit too radical to be considered sane. I would seriously rethink what you wrote in that abortion of a rant.
  3. IHrtHalucingens
    I would be very surprised if they discontinued all together any of the pills they have already for a new transdermal method. All you would have to say is that the patches irritate your skin or something simple as that and you can get the pills. But it is a way for parents to moniter their kids, not so much the man.
  4. bcStoner420
    If that's they case they could always just say the ritalin wasn't working that good anymore, and hopefully work their way up to adderall. I see this as something that would be for young kids though so why do we even have to worry about this?

    Not saying this isn't useful info don't get me wrong.
  5. sands of time
    Yes, but don't you think they will make a patch version of adderal in the near future? If this methylphenidate patch gains acceptance, they could just go ahead and make a patch version of all ADD/ADHD drugs.
  6. bcStoner420
    Yea your right, but I still don't think they could get rid of pills completely. Even in benzenerings original post it says the original verdict said it had severe side effects. I can imagine this giving some horrible insomnia, especially people who already have the problem. They may cut back on the useage of pills, but I think there is no possible way they could completely get rid of them. And if someone wants something bad enough, they will find a way most likely.
  7. sands of time
    Yes, but it could potentially cut into the availability of ADD/ADHD drugs. Prices could also rise on the steet and/or the supply could drop.
  8. bcStoner420
    Ya for sure, I wouldn't be surprised if it was replaced by meth for most. Talking a recreational sense there of course.
  9. carousel
    But one could still get high on the patch anyway.

    You don't have to snort Adderal.
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