Fear City

  1. teddybearpicnics

    It's no problem, I'll keep quiet,
    Pick up your revolver,
    You're about to start a riot.
    Oh man you've got a plan,
    You call it suicide.
    Forget about your problems,
    You can push them all aside.
    One day you'll go. I told you so.


    Help me kill my time,
    And walk down the street,
    What a fucking joke,
    I can't be discreet.
    If you're all done,
    Like you, said you'd be,
    Then what the hell are you doing,
    Hanging out with me.


    It's 3:45 in the morning,
    Waiting on a sidewalk man.
    Sick and nervous,
    I wonder where this all began.
    Down in fear city,
    I guess I didn't understand.
    Isn't it pretty,
    Down in fear city.


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