Fed Ex Delivers 200 lbs or pot to wrong person

By chillinwill · Jul 6, 2008 · ·
  1. chillinwill
    From: http://rawstory.com/news/2008/FedEx_delivers_hefty_pot_package_to_0705.html

    BALTIMORE - FedEx prides itself on reliability. But a mistaken delivery tipped off police to a 200-pound shipment of marijuana that someone tried to send from Pembroke Pines, Florida to Baltimore via the shipping company. Police tell The (Baltimore) Sun they learned about the shipment when it was delivered Tuesday to the wrong resident.
    Authorities posed as FedEx employees and arrested the shipment's intended recipient, 30-year-old Richard Gwatidzo.
    Officials say he was charged Thursday with possession of a large quantity of a controlled dangerous substance with intent to distribute along with other drug related charges.
    Police say they also seized eight other FedEx boxes with nearly 400 pounds of the drug.
    Authorities are trying to determine the sender's identity.

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  1. PuffinStuff 718
    isn't this considered a miracle? if i get a knock on the door and thats what i get. holy shit.
  2. lexifer

    That is precisely how swim would view the mishap. Miraculous. haha.
  3. N0ly
    So wait let me get this straight, someone grew some pot over 200lbs of it and sent it in the mail? I have heard of people sending stuff through fed ex but I never actually thought they were true. This reminds me of the pounds that washed up on the shore and the guy that found it got arrested when he tried to turn it in.
  4. Panthers007
    UPS is also known as United Pot Service. A driver there said to a friend of Bongo: "I can always tell when it's drugs. It's a small package. Weighs very little. And it's insured for a thousand dollars. I don't care, I deliver it."

    Don't take that as the norm though.
  5. sylenth
    should of been wiser & at least sent it from a unknown fake adressed user...
  6. kingspade213
    so what happened to the people that opened the package that wasnt addressed to them? thats a federal offense isnt it?
  7. cra$h
    haha, that's a good point. but i know swim wouldnt say much (to the authorities atleast) about pickin up 200lbs. swim would end up destroying the competition, sellin dirt cheap, and still making a fortune.....damn that would be great
  8. grandbaby
    Wouldn't you get paranoid, though, wondering if it was a set-up? I mean, if 200 lbs of weed shows up on your doorstep, either someone's out to fuck you good, or someone's going to be looking - very hard - for their misplaced product. Either way I'd be a nervous wreck if I accepted the package.

    Wouldn't you just know it had to go to one of the few people who don't actually smoke grass... :)
  9. MorphinePump
    lol, great... as said, of course it went to someone that doesn't smoke and not SWIM. That's ridiculous the product at The Raw Story link looked amazing
  10. Greenport
    Wonder if the people who found it at least tried a bowl to see if it was good stuff
  11. El Calico Loco
    Of course, you realize what this means...now, if you hate someone, all you have to do is send them a shitload of drugs in the mail. They'll be arrested and charged with dealing. I wonder if DEA agents will begin sending drugs to the homes of suspected drug dealers - or people they don't like - and then bust them when they don't report it.

    It would be great if someone would begin sending shipments of drugs to DEA agents to get them busted, but we all know it wouldn't work. They'd just sell it or smoke it.

    (Hope I'm not giving them any ideas.)
  12. Handle
    How dare you accuse DEA agents of smoking illegal drugs!

    They'd sell it.

    Handle added 2 Minutes and 37 Seconds later...

    But seriously, what an asshole to get a miracle like that, and bust the poor bitches trying to make a living.

    If I was that miraculously lucky, [pray god] I'm not saying they'd get a return to sender, but I wouldn't dob them in. What an asshole.
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