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Fed-up father of three fights his drug gang neighbours and 'arrests' notorious dealer

  1. buseman
    When a notorious drug dealer moved in next door, Charlie Skinner feared for his young family.

    The father of three contacted police after Xiao-Po He started to peddle cocaine and crystal meth on his doorstep.

    But when officers failed to respond, telling him instead to keep a log of the activities of the illegal immigrant - who was already on bail at the time for supplying drugs - Mr Skinner decided to take matters into his own hands.

    The property developer risked his own life, posing as a customer to slip into his neighbour's flat and challenge the 26-year-old.

    He fought off an attack by two of his henchman before chasing the dealer down the street and wrestling him to the ground.
    Then the 47-year-old held him in a headlock until police arrived.

    Searches revealed the former chef was carrying 3.6g of crystal meth and a search of his home uncovered another 4.48g of the drug.

    Yesterday Mr Skinner was hailed a hero after the dealer was jailed for six years.

    He had been on police bail after being caught in November last year with a stash of drugs worth £12,000 including crystal meth, cocaine, the rave drug ketamine and ecstasy pills in a flat in Camberwell, South London.

    But when a court granted him bail, the dealer simply moved and set up shop in a flat next door to Mr Skinner, who lives with his wife Sian, 44, and daughters Florence, 12, Maisie, 11, and son Teddy, nine, in Kennington

    Initially, the father reported his concerns to police and was advised to keep a log of comings and goings from the flat.

    But he was so sick of the 'constant stream of people' turning up to buy drugs, Mr Skinner decided to confront the culprit on March 13 this year.

    He said: 'I thought, what a waste of time. I wasn't going to stand for it happening on our doorstep.

    I followed some customers up to the door and when it opened I slipped in behind them.

    I didn't really know what to expect inside but there were quite a few people in the hallway having some sort of argument.

    I had a bit of an altercation with the two guys at the door who wanted to know who I was — they tried to fight me so I hit one of them and ran back to my house to call the police.

    Then my wife saw him [the dealer] leaving in a hurry and I thought, I'm not having that.

    I chased after him, wrestled him to the floor and performed a citizen's arrest.
    I was just so angry I didn't feel any fear. I'm a south London boy and I can look after myself.

    On Monday the drug dealer was jailed at Inner London Crown Court for six years after admitting two counts of possession with intent to supply and two of possession of criminal property.

    Judge Mark Bishop praised Mr Skinner, awarding him £100 for his bravery.
    The judge told the defendant: 'People who deal in drugs deal in other people's death and degradation.

    The courts treat this offence with the utmost seriousness.
    'The courts are full of people whose lives have been damaged by their addiction to drugs.

    They commit crime which affects all of society.
    People like you who are drug dealers feed on those people's addiction and suffering, and you do it simple to make money with no thought of the consequences for others.

    Outside court, Mrs Skinner, a legal adviser, said: It was pretty amazing what Charlie did, but he's like that. He's not shy to let people know what he thinks of them.

    I think more people should be like he is.
    9th June 2010


  1. godztear
    Re: Fed-up father of three fights his drug gang neighbours and 'arrests' notorious de

    What a pompous ass :laugh:

    Dude is almost 50 years old and probably feels like king of the world for tackling down a piss scared dealer who had a little more then a quarter ounce of drugs. Sure I do agree with him, if the police weren't going to do anything at all about the situation, then by all means protect your family. However, I don't see that happening from inside a wooden box 6 feet under with a widowed wife and 3 kids who need a new daddy. Thats the risk he took, other then actually helping the police to track traffic in and out so they could complete a thorough investigation and get more then a tiny cache of drugs. He wanted to be the hero that he is now being publicized as. I hope nothing comes as repercussions to his family for his hot-headed actions.

    His 15 minutes is surely over by now, right?
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