Feds: 88 lbs of Ecstasy seized at US-Canada border

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    Feds: 88 lbs of Ecstasy seized at US-Canada border

    DETROIT (AP) - Authorities say a man was caught smuggling nearly 90 pounds of Ecstasy across the Michigan-Ontario border, then cooperated with agents to pinch the men waiting for the delivery.

    The man was caught Tuesday afternoon driving an empty car carrier across the Ambassador Bridge from Windsor, Ontario, to Detroit. A Customs and Border Protection officer searched the vehicle's cab and found three duffel bags containing about 88 pounds of the narcotic Ecstasy.

    Anthony Romolino, a senior special agent with Immigration and Customs Enforcement, says in an affidavit filed Wednesday in federal court in Detroit that the driver then agreed to help officials. He drove on to a truck stop in Monroe County, where Romolino says three people arrived for the delivery and were arrested.

    Associated Press - November 5, 2009 4:14 AM ET


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