Feds Bust Online Drug Ring

By bride · Oct 16, 2004 · ·
  1. bride
    One of the people busted relayed details of his arrest:

    "Today I received a delivery of a small quantity of a controlled
    substance at my office. I had ordered this from a more or less trusted
    source who had shipped to me successfully before. This time, though ,the
    second I had signed for the package, a federal postal inspection agent
    and a local narcotics cop were right there flashing their badges. It was so
    surreal I didn't even panic, I just thought, "Well, this is it."

    They asked to go somewhere where we could talk privately. I took them
    to a private meeting room. They told me they knew what was in the
    package, and if I answered their questions they would let me go without
    handcuffing me in front of my coworkers and boss. I thought about it and

    Basically I pleaded to having purchased this substance through the mail,
    from such-and-such source, for personal consumption only, and that I
    was sorry for what I had done. I waived my Miranda rights and wrote and
    signed a written statement. The fed and the cop said because I had been
    so cooperative, I was not under arrest and I would never hear from them

    However, they said I might still hear from the prosecuting attorney, who
    since this is a nation-wide operation is actually in another state. There is
    a chance I may be called to testify, and it is still possible I will be charged
    with something if I don't cooperate completely. It's my first offense of any
    kind and the maximum penalty is probably probation, but it could still
    really fuck up my life.

    Feds Bust Online Drug Ring

    Web Site Offers OxyContin, Marijuana, Cocaine

    POSTED: 10:12 p.m. CDT October 7, 2004
    UPDATED: 1:11 p.m. CDT October 8, 2004
    MADISON, Wis. -- Drug dealing has moved online, and Wisconsin recently
    took center stage in a large bust of a Chicago man selling drugs like
    OxyContin, marijuana and cocaine over the Internet.

    A confidential informant from Wisconsin provided federal investigators
    with an e-mail address run by Tommy Franzl, through which they were
    able to call up a drug menu and place orders for illicit drugs.

    "What you customarily think about in drug dealing is somebody who's
    dealing drugs on the street corner, and you have hand-to-hand buys,"
    said U.S. Attorney J.B. Van Hollen. "What we have here is somebody who
    was blatantly selling controlled substances over the Internet."

    Franzl has been arrested, and is currently in the Dane County Jail.

    "We ended up keeping the search warrant and indictment against (Franzl)
    sealed in the courts so we could continue to run his operation," Van
    Hollen said.

    At the federal court house in Madison Wednesday, nine people from
    across the United States were indicted on drug charges from contacting
    Franzl's e-mail, unaware that drug agents had taken their dealer's place.

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  1. Alfa
    This is a very important topic. Remember that everything you do online can and will be recorded for quite some time. Dealing and or buying illegal drugs online may seem slick, but it is as stupid as you can get. Therehave beenmany examples of this and there will be far more, as the international drug enforcement agencies have made it one of their primary projects. This happened after the last United Nation reports on internet ciminality & drug dealing. For more info, search this site.
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