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Feds: Don’t bring marijuana to our parks, forests, bldgs

  1. Basoodler
    The U.S. Attorney’s office in Seattle on Wednesday issues a brief, grumpy and restrained warning on the day before Initiative 502 takes effect, making possession of small amounts of marijuana legal in Washington State.

    The message: Under federal law, it’s still illegal. But the statement lacked the sabre rattling and threats usually contained in missives issued by the federal government’s anti-drug warriors and their taxpayer-fed bureaucracy.

    “In enacting the Controlled Substances Act, Congress determined that marijuana is a Schedule I controlled substance,” said the statement. “Regardless of any changes in state law, including the change that will go into effect on December 6th in Washington state, growing, selling or possessing any amount of marijuana remains illegal under federal law.

    “Members of the public are also advised to remember that it remains against federal law to bring any amount of marijuana onto federal property, including all federal buildings, national parks and forests, military installations and courthouses.”

    Approximately 23 percent of Washington State is federal land, including three national parks, three national recreation areas, a national monument, a national historical park, a national volcanic area, half-a-dozen national forests, two major Air Force bases, and a nuclear submarine base.

    As to Initiative 502, the feds were somewhat ambiguous about what they intend to do, stating:
    “The Department of Justice is reviewing the initiatives recently passed in Colorado and Washington state. The Department’s responsibility to enforce the Controlled Substances Act remains unchanged. Neither states nor the Executive Branch can nullify a statute passed by Congress.”

    But the current leader of the Executive Branch — President Obama — is on record (in his autobiography) that he violated the Controlled Substances Act while a high school student in Honolulu.

    (no author cited)



  1. SpatialReason
    Frankly, this is so... pointless...

    Who'd want to be high in pristine nature?
    Or in a government building where you are getting audited...
    Or in a courthouse...

    As long as the feds don't touch the sofa in the den, nobody will have their feelings hurt.
  2. Ghetto_Chem

    Of course nowhere near courthouses or gov. buildings, but definitely out in a nature. In all honesty though can they really enforce it too well when it comes to parks and forests? Most likely the rangers will slowly have their mindset changed to that of their locality, and the amount of cannabis related arrests will be near zero in these areas.

  3. nitehowler
    Its about time the federal government listened to the people and start doing what the people want cause thats what their supposed to do ,,represent the people not their own beliefs.
  4. Basoodler
    :eek: Damn that foils my plans to get high in federal buildings. I had a smoke out planned for each federal court room :p


    Not sure why they needed to clarify that part.. Smoking dope in federal buildings probably isn't on anybody's to-do list.
  5. nitehowler
    What about the part where they say members of the public are advised not to bring dope onto federal property parks etc.

    The federal government should realize that the parks and so called government property are realistically owned by the members of the public not the government.
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