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Feds: Dulles traveler swallowed nearly 4 pounds of heroin

  1. Balzafire
    A man who recently flew into Washington Dulles International Airport had swallowed nearly 4 pounds of heroin pellets worth more than $100,000 and is now facing drug trafficking charges, according to federal authorities.

    Court documents say 45-year-old Ebodor F. Okenwa arrived at Dulles from Italy on Thursday. Customs and Border Protection officers believed he "was acting nervously and suspiciously" and was carrying anti-diarrheal medicine, an affidavit says.

    Okenwa was taken to Reston Hospital Center, where an X-ray revealed pellets in his abdomen. The affidavit says the pellets later tested positive for heroin.

    He had swallowed about 88 pellets that weighed a total of 1,700 grams, or 3.7 pounds, court documents say.

    The heroin has a street value of about $125,000, according to CBP spokesman Steve Sapp.

    That amount of heroin is "consistent with further distribution," Jason McGraw, a Department of Homeland Security special agent, wrote in the affidavit.

    Kenneth Troccoli, the federal public defender representing Okenwa, declined to comment on the case.

    Okenwa was charged in federal court in Alexandria with attempting to import a controlled substance. The charges were filed Friday, and Okenwa was arrested Monday.

    U.S. Magistrate Judge Ivan Davis has ordered that Okenwa remain in custody pending further proceedings. A preliminary hearing and detention hearing in the case are scheduled for Thursday.

    Other suspected drug smugglers have been nabbed at Dulles over the past year.

    In September, a man admitted that he hid 4 pounds of cocaine inside 21 soup boxes in his luggage. A drug-sniffing dog detected the cocaine, and CBP officers saw a white powdery substance spilling from his luggage when Jose Acevedo flew into Dulles from El Salvador in June.

    And in October, Stephen J. Ingle was arrested after authorities said they found cocaine-filled statues of Jesus, Mary and Joseph in his luggage as he was making his way from London to Argentina. He pleaded guilty in December.

    By: Emily Babay


  1. Killa Weigha
    Tell SWIme where SWIM can get 1700 grams of uncut heroin for $125,000 and SWIM'll be on the next train. Fucking idiots... $125,000 / 1700grams = $73.53 per gram. Don't tease us, assholes!
  2. Revolvingdoo
    AW: Re: Feds: Dulles traveler swallowed nearly 4 pounds of heroin

    Lol. Perhaps for once they were being realistic. I mean, if you werebuying kilo's that seems like a reasonable price.
  3. Killa Weigha
    Face it, the guy's a(nother) idiot. Firstly, good luck finding the 90+ in DC (6-7% is avg). You better know somebody very, very well. I already got a warning about price discussion for this thread (for doing math and publishing the results, I suppose) cuz it was such a re-donk-ulous number.

    I am prepared to concede that maybe, Maybe, MAYBE the intended recipient could have got it for that (don't know what to say here without getting in trouble) amount of US govt. IOUs but "street value" means one thing to me and you'll not find that amount on "the block" for Mr. Sapp's (apropos) number.
  4. Revolvingdoo
    AW: Feds: Dulles traveler swallowed nearly 4 pounds of heroin

    Street value, your right. My mistake. The guys a moron.
    Your right.
    i'd hate to get 90% actually, because it would more than likely make me be dead, unless of course this was disclosed before hand.
    Even then it's looking likely.
    Hypothetically speaking of course.
    I remember seeing an article where they'd seized 1kg of pure coke with "an estimated street value of 2.5m"
    Its like...what? How arbitrary are these number.
  5. Killa Weigha
    I know, right? You'd think there would be some kind of app or field manual (Dope Prices for Dummies, LOL) for these jokers to consult before just pulling a number out of their arse and feeding it to the media for millions of unsuspecting readers/listeners to consume. Definitely NOT harm reduction but that's never been a strategy in the US at the fed level.
    fucking brilliant, LOL
  6. xenos
    Damn, it tells you something about the business when the person taking the risk of moving pounds of heroin on a plane can't afford a lawyer. I can't imagine that a public defender will help much with 4 pounds.:s
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