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  1. noddygirl
    Well written. I always say this, but you are so intelligent Joe. You think beyond and with more understanding than most people seem to. If that makes sense. Its like you represent this new, progressive thinking, young generation that ISN'T Liberal.

    Hillary and her team were totally oblivious to the real world and just existed in their own bubble. They never acknowledged how emotionally important it was to condemn - in these words "radical Islamic terrorism," they never acknowledged that most Americans could care less about transgender equality, and that it's not racist to condemn Black Lives Matter. The Liberals seem to think that everybody just agrees with them. And when people don't agree with them...like Trump voters...they get abusive, name call, and accuse of being "racist." Alas, the Democratic establishment should have realized that this is an "outsider year," instead they nominate the ultimate insider. Had they chosen Bernie (whom I didn't like much) or Biden, they likely would have won easily .


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