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By LasVegasEd777 · Oct 2, 2014 · ·
  1. LasVegasEd777
    Well, after a long battle with various doctors, I am finally stable. I feel so much better. I just want to touch on the subject of buprenorphine maintenance therapy.

    There are lots of people out there trying desperately to get off of the stuff. I WAS one of them. After finding a knowledgeable doctor, I realized that I am not a piece of shit junkie for needing Subutex to stay "not sick".

    People need to understand that for a certain percentage of us, the only answer is a maintenance program instead of detox. When the patient has control of the reigns of his own life, they can then concentrate on whether it is time for them to begin a slow detox or just relax and recover emotionally first. If the patient is constantly worrying about how they are going to obtain their next dose, their life will revolve around that thought, and no good will come from it. This is certainly the case with me.

    Your doctor should never be the source of your anxiety. If buprenorphine is keeping you a productive member of society instead of a menace, then what is the harm?
    Subutex causes me no known side effects. No mood swings, depression or anxiety. Withdrawal on the other hand, causes all three. Subutex does not sap your strength and make it impossible to work. Withdrawal causes debilitating lethargy.

    Subutex is addictive, but you don't walk around wasted like you can on most other opiates. Subutex is the same thing as insulin is for a diabetic- A Life Saver.

    If your doctor insists on dictating your every decision regarding your opiate addiction/ recovery- Get A New Doctor.

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  1. Loveluck29
    I am happy to hear up you are feeling great and everything has worked out! I completely agree with you. I find so many threads of people so stressed out about getting off of subutex and methadone, it's like the chaos never stopped. They are still stressed out and revolving their life around the drug just like when they were using. In my opinion stopping shouldn't be a scary or debilitating thing. If it is you probably should stay on the maintenance.
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