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  1. seeingred
    Well I skipped out oh the diphenhydramine, Although, have been craving it ( I know that's odd) sitting at home all day is really bad for the person. But I am so wasted, succh a waste, a highschool dropout, nothing.

    Haven't heard back from the school in LA that I want to go to, feelling very unloved right now. I wish more people understood me, but suddenly- its like I have forgotten myself- and did that ever really matter? Losing it- I mean truly losing yourself, did it matter? What's normal, what IS normal.

    Here I am, alone, in my bedroom. Starting blankly at all my sad surroudnings, this perpetual seclusion, isolation, from the world- but...hold on...what world? drugs cant cure the problems can they?

    Maybe they can- maybe they will and do....


  1. guldenat
    Drugs can certainly mask your problems for awhile, but they'll always be waiting for you when you sober up.
  2. seeingred
    That's true. thankyou for that honesty, it's not necessarily the drugs- but I dont feel like being the same preson anymore. :)
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