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  1. JoyfulLife
    ...I almost went on to our negative thread and attempted to spread puppy dogs and rainbows, but that woulda been bullshit, because we need that thread.
    Its good to get all that crap everyone holds onto out in the open. It doesn't matter if no one reads it or pretends to care, its for the person doing it. I am a huge believer in free writing, or I suppose talking to myself. lol..

    Anywho, I'm feeling good things today, I'm still stressed and worried, but above that, starting yesterday I started feeling pretty damn happy. I think things are going to be turning around, and if not, I'm hoping to be able to hold on to this, rather then spitting mad. Although, there are things to be said about spitting mad. First of all, eww..don't spit.

    Yeah the euphoria could also be attributed to the stuff I was smokin last night...three hits off of my glass pipe...and I was stuck on DF..what else. Good night!

    (Is there a Drugs-Forum A Group? This takes up most of my free time, which isn't a whole lot usually, and there are really other things that I should be doing. nah)


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