Feinstein's misguided opposition to marijuana legalization

By Balzafire · Jul 21, 2010 ·
  1. Balzafire
    Prohibition has failed, yet her arguments against Proposition 19 suggest the U.S. senator is comfortable with the unacceptable status quo.

    Democrat Dianne Feinstein, California's senior U.S. senator, has thrown her weight behind the effort to defeat Proposition 19, the Regulate, Control and Tax Cannabis Initiative of 2010. Apparently Feinstein believes that California's present pot prohibition, which was initially enacted in 1913 yet has done nothing to reduce the plant's availability or use, is worth keeping.

    Much of the public disagrees; that is why the voters this November will decide on an alternative. Proposition 19 would allow adults 21 years and older to privately possess and cultivate small quantities of marijuana for personal use. (Consuming marijuana in public would remain subject to punishment.) It would also permit local governments to regulate the retail sale and commercial cultivation of cannabis for adults.

    Proposition 19's proponents maintain that the enactment of sensible regulations and age restrictions regarding marijuana's production, distribution and consumption will limit youth access to pot and better protect public safety. Feinstein disagrees, calling the measure "a jumbled legal nightmare that will make our highways, our workplaces and our communities less safe."

    By Paul Armentano July 20, 2010

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