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Female Police Officer in Alleged Cocaine Use...


  1. Jatelka
    Bladerunner. Please post the article when posting "DrugNews". Links get lost or broken with time.
  2. klaatu
    Bladerunner's not on line right now, so here's the article from the Mirror......

    15 June 2006

    A POLICE WOMAN kept a stash of cocaine to offer to pals after nights out, a court heard yesterday.

    WPC Salena Holgate, 28, is said to have been seen chopping up lines of the drug at home before snorting it with a friend.

    Holgate was arrested after allegedly offering Charlene Richardson the drug. The farmer's daughter then told her mother.

    Charlene told the court: "I've taken cannabis at Salena's house before.

    "They were sniffing coke that night. It was in a see-through bag. I could see white chunks. It would have been Salena who pulled the bag out."

    Traces were found in the WPC's hair and on a credit card in her wallet, Manchester crown court heard.

    Holgate stabled her horse at a farm run by Charlene's family - and the WPC claimed the allegation was made up after a row over a £20 fee.

    Holgate, of Tyldesley, Greater Manchester, denies charges of supplying, offering to supply and possession of cocaine.

    The trial continues.

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