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Female prison officer jailed for having sex with inmate and smuggling drugs into jail

  1. Rob Cypher
    A former female prison officer from Birmingham has been sentenced to two years eight months behind bars for having sex with an inmate and supplying cannabis to a prisoner.

    Julie Turton, 53, was sentenced at Birmingham Crown Court after admitting six counts of misconduct in a public office at an earlier hearing.

    Three counts related to phone contact with inmates, one count to the delivery of a stereo into prison and one count related to a sexual relationship with an inmate. She also pleaded guilty to the supply of cannabis.

    Prisoner Arteef Hussain, 25, an inmate at Stoke Heath Prison, was sentenced to one year for encouraging Turton to supply cannabis.

    The sentence is the culmination of a six-month joint investigation between HMP Birmingham and the Serious and Organised Crime Unit at West Midlands Police, the Birmingham Mail reports.

    The investigation started when both agencies shared their concerns regarding an organised crime group which had members serving time in prison.

    It soon became clear that there was someone working ‘on the inside’ who was helping to deliver banned items to prisoners and an undercover and surveillance operation was put in place.

    Investigating officer Det Chief Insp Martin Brennan said: “Police investigation doesn’t stop when someone goes to prison. We continue to keep a watchful eye on what’s happening and work really closely with the prison service.

    “In this case, the prison too had concerns about her behaviour. Working together we were quickly able to establish exactly what she was up to and bring her before the courts.”

    The prison sacked Turton as soon as she was charged.

    Pete Small, director of G4S-operated HMP Birmingham, said the prison was committed to tackling this sort of criminality.

    He said: “As an established prison officer with more than 20 years of experience, Julie Turton not only let herself down, but abused the trust of her colleagues and the prison service.

    "There is no place for misconduct or corruption at the prison and if we have any suspicions over any staff, we will always investigate and if necessary, work with the police to bring a prosecution as we did in this case."

    Brett Gibbons
    Mirror (UK)
    March 3, 2014



  1. sh0rno
    Re: Female prison officer jailed for having sex with inmate and smuggling drugs into

    Hmm I think there's a lot they're not telling us about this case. Firstly, I wouldn't have thought "encouraging a prison officer to supply cannabis" is even a crime at all, let alone deserving of a year in prison.

    Then they say there was an ongoing investigation to see who was delivering banned items (note the plural), when all the officer was finally charged with was only 1 count relating to the delivery of a stereo, and the charge of supplying cannabis. And she gets a pretty hefty 2yrs 8months in prison.

    It's pretty well known that there are 2 big gangs in the Birmingham area (The Johnsons and the Burger Bar Boys, don't let their stupid names fool you, they are both pretty hardcore gangs), and these gangs have a lot of members behind bars.

    If I were to speculate, I would say that this officer was probably in contact with some gang members outside prison, and was supplying a hell of a lot more illegal items, probably weapons/comms devices/harder drugs etc, and being paid handsomely for the service. Then she probably made a deal after getting caught, where they dropped the most serious charges in return for her ratting out some gang members/locations.

    Total speculation mind, but those prison sentences seem a bit odd.
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