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Fentanyl Patch Can Be Deadly to Children

By Tigey, May 26, 2012 | | |
  1. Tigey
    US Pharm. 2012;37(5):1.

    Silver Spring, MD—The FDA has issued a safety alert regarding the dangers of accidental exposure to and improper storage and disposal of the fentanyl patch, based on the number of young children who have died or become critically ill after exposure to the powerful pain reliever. There have been 26 cases of accidental exposure to fentanyl since 1997, mostly in children younger than 2 years, that resulted in death in 10 cases and hospitalization in 12 others. Children can be exposed to fentanyl by ingesting a discarded or improperly stored patch or sticking it onto their skin. Children are particularly susceptible to fentanyl overdose because they have not been previously exposed to this type of potent medication and are more vulnerable to its effects.

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  1. Tigey
    (what surprises me is how low the accidental exposure infant death rate is considering how much fentanyl is sold, but it's a good reminder to anyone using these and reading DF to be very careful about storage, preparation and disposal. whether it's your kid or your cat, you don't want it to happen!)
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