ferris wheel

By baZING · Jul 4, 2012 ·
  1. baZING
    when i saw you today, i melted
    as if you never left,
    as if i hadn’t once believed
    i would never touch your face again,
    as if the years between us
    only happened in my mind.

    when we rode the ferris wheel,
    and i pulled you on my lap,
    wrapped my hands around your chest,
    when I brushed your beard with mine,
    you asked me:
    what is going through your head?-

    thank you for not asking twice
    when i could not unwrap
    the heavy tongue
    that was tangled in my throat.

    now when i smoke i still think of you,
    knees drawn tight against your torso,
    bees bumbling in the wood.
    you offered to split your cigarette with me,
    the filter soggy with your taste,
    and i drew tightly, deeply,
    inhaling every word
    i wished to say.

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