Festival-goers cut dogs open to get at drugs

By Abrad · May 5, 2006 · ·
  1. Abrad
    Fifteen dead dogs have been discovered on the site of a rave festival in France - some of them with their bellies cut open to recover "hidden" drugs.

    Police and animal welfare officials believe the dogs were fed packages containing drugs to avoid security checks at the perimeter of the Teknival site at Chavanne, near Bourges on the river Loire.

    It is a dodge sometimes employed by drug-dealers but usually they wait until the animal excretes the package or they force the dog to become sick.

    "On this occasion, they must have been in a hurry," a local veterinary officer told the newspaper Le Parisien. "It is obvious that they just cut open the bellies of the dogs to get the drugs back."

    Altogether, 15 dogs were found among the heaps of litter or in dustbins at the site of the Teknival last weekend. Several of the dogs appeared to have died from stress or fright. Most of the animals had their bellies cut open.

    A woman of 22 died from an overdose of drugs taken at the festival - an annual event that attracts ravers from all over Europe. A young man also died soon after attending the Teknival but it remains unclear whether his death was drug-related.

    Cases of dogs being made to swallow packages of drugs have also been reported in South America, Belgium and the Netherlands. This is the first case of its kind in France. The Société Protectrice des Animaux (SPA) for the département of Cher said that it hoped to trace the owners of the dead dogs and investigate the deaths.

    "Some of them were tattooed with official identification numbers. We are going to track down the owners and bring prosecutions against them one by one," an SPA official said.

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  1. Alfa
    This is a very strange article. 15 dogs dead. Some of them have their bellies cut open. Meaning most of them didn't. Later the article writes most of them had. Very strange. What the hell did the animals that didn't die from? Police believe there where drugs in the bellies of the dogs. So, no evidence of that? Teknival is an open festival, where one can just go to. There sure as hell is no security check for drugs there, so what is the sense of hiding drugs in dogs?
  2. FrankenChrist
    Hmm. It says drug fed dogs have been found in Belgium, but I do not recall of such a case. If it had happened, I'm sure our media would have picked it up.
  3. Benga
    there was a similar rumor last year. Read up on it and so far the source seems to be one fireman who apparently picked up the corpses but nothing has really been authentified.
    In my opinion this is a hoax which has been picked up by sensationalist journalists, and I hope to be proved right.
  4. Nagognog2
    Another part of the missing matter from this tale is, along with lacking evidence of drugs, just what "drugs" are being alluded to here? Heroin? Aspirin? Viagra?

    There are enough holes in this story that one could drive a tandem-trailor truck (lorry) through it sideways. I will give it this much to it's credit: The lesser-intelligent people of the animal-rights groups will likely go sic their dogs on kids smoking pot in the park. Like the psychopath who wrote the article is too cowardly to do himself - but wishes he could. Woof!
  5. Voices
    That would be the first thing I noticed upon reading this story. The source of this myth may very well be someone or something trying to paint a hideous headline across festivals and festival goers.
  6. Benga
    Ok so the balloon has finally deflated, the whole thing is a rumor targeted at ravers. Too bad a french national newspaper ( le parisien) and 2 tv channels ( TF1 and Canal + ) reported this without checking sources.

    The only death in the Teknival was a 22 year old female from overdose. Other rumors mentioned a second death ( reported in local newspapers) which never happened.
    Another rumor mentioned that adders and vipers were driven mad by the loud music and started biting ravers' heels.
    On the other hand the firebrigade mentioned that they never had to administer any venom serum...

    as for the dead dogs, the cleaning company Sita which works the dumpsters in which the dog's bodies were supposed to have been found stated that no one had ever seen these dogs. Same for the local gendarmerie brigade ( police), which finally had to speak out after the rumor started growing and was even picked up on TV, stating that there had been never been any dead dogs.

    the only dead dog in the area was in found on a side road, near the Teknival, and had been run over by a car...

    so it was all a big hoax, targetting raves and ravers of course...
  7. Benga
    Le Monde article clearing up the subject, from
    http://www.lemonde.fr/web/article/0,[email protected],[email protected],0.html

    Ghost dogs of the Teknival

    Les chiens fantomes du Teknival
    Transmise par le bouche-à-oreille et par téléphones portables, l'information a été reprise par les journaux locaux et un quotidien national, Le Parisien, relayée en boucle par France Info et Canal+ : le Teknival de Chavannes (Cher), qui s'est tenu en marge du Printemps de Bourges le week-end du 1er mai, se serait achevé tragiquement avec la mort de deux personnes, et... d'une quinzaine de chiens retrouvés éventrés.

    Or seule la mort de Laetitia, une jeune fille de 22 ans, décédée d'une overdose, a été établie. Le reste relève du fantasme. Contrairement à ce qu'ont écrit certains journaux locaux, mercredi 3 mai, il n'y a jamais eu de second mort. Pas plus que de chiens éventrés.

    Depuis quelques jours, autour des champs de Chavannes, le bruit courait que des dealers arrivaient sur place avec des chiens dont les estomacs étaient lestés de drogue, afin d'échapper à la fouille. Une pratique courante, connue des pompiers et des gendarmes, disait-on. Selon la rumeur, une quinzaine de ces chiens auraient été retrouvés éventrés au lendemain du Teknival, leurs maîtres ayant voulu récupérer la drogue cachée dans leur estomac.

    Autre prétendu "incident" repris dans les médias : des vipères, nombreuses sur le terrain et rendues folles par les décibels, se seraient précipitées vers les baffles et auraient piqué des ravers... Les pompiers, qui ont assuré les permanences sanitaires sur place, ne se souviennent pourtant pas avoir eu recours à la moindre goutte de sérum antivenin.

    Si la presse locale a pris la précaution d'utiliser le mot "rumeur" en relatant ces "faits", Le Parisien a, dans son édition du 4 mai, repris ces allégations sans utiliser le conditionnel. En légende d'une photo de raveur tenant son chien en laisse, le quotidien publiait même un témoignage de vétérinaire anonyme évoquant l'éventration des bêtes "pour y récupérer les stupéfiants". Christiane Machavoine, chef du service départemental hygiène alimentaire, est affirmative : "Nous n'avions envoyé aucun vétérinaire sur les lieux."

    A la mairie de Chavannes, à la gendarmerie, à la préfecture, personne ne confirme l'existence de chiens retrouvés éventrés. La société Sita à Orval, près de Saint-Amand, qui a fourni les bennes où l'on aurait retrouvé les cadavres des animaux, et qui a assuré le nettoyage du site, dément avoir trouvé quoi que ce soit ressemblant à des chiens dans ses bennes. Personne n'a rien vu, pas même à la direction départementale de l'équipement, qui a supervisé le nettoyage. En milieu de matinée, jeudi 4 mai, les gendarmes commencent à s'énerver : " Ça suffit les conneries, il n'y a pas eu de second mort ni de chiens éventrés !" Jeudi soir, Canal+ se faisait pourtant encore l'écho de cette prétendue affaire lors d'un reportage diffusé dans le journal de 18 h 50, où les faits étaient présentés sans aucune précaution. En revanche France Info a fait un rectificatif à l'antenne vendredi matin.

    Seule certitude : un cadavre de chien a bien été retrouvé, dimanche 31 avril au matin, sur le bord d'une route adjacente, la route menant au village de Saint-Loup, mais le chien avait été non pas éventré, mais écrasé.
    Patrick Martinat
  8. Forthesevenlakes
    amazing that the media would stoop to such lows to have a story, or to discredit ravers, or both. so now theyre not only taking drugs but mutilating animals in order to take drugs, hmm? reminds me a bit of the accusations levelled during any sort of standard witch trial/satanic cult scare/etc. just some generic crime and recycled story thats used to gather public opinion against an outgroup perceived as 'threatening' by the mainstream.
  9. Voices
    Why is that amazing? Is it because they have targeted something you believe in? Or identify with? I wish I could feel the razor that cut me 10 miles before it touched me.

    Truth is buried in (or hiden behind) headlines every single day. That is the definitive example of a covert story.
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