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  1. Rightnow289
    Organisers of a Scottish music festival have pledged to take steps to try to stop the use of the so-called "party drug" GBL among people at the event.

    The liquid drug has been the subject of scrutiny following the death of a student in Brighton earlier this year.
    Promoters of the Wickerman Festival say they will put measures in place to warn about the dangers of the substance.
    The UK Government announced plans to ban GBL last August, but a delay means it is still legal and freely available.
    Promoter Sid Ambrose said that in line with other events the Wickerman Festival, held on farmland near Kirkcudbright, was keen to warn about the dangers of GBL.

    'Could kill'
    However, he admitted an all-out ban would be difficult to enforce.
    Mr Ambrose said they had contacted stall holders to ensure nobody would be selling the substance.
    He added they would be using their website and other media to try to get across the message of the dangers of taking it.
    "This thing is particularly dangerous please don't take it at the Wickerman or, indeed, anywhere else," he said.
    "I think the other approach would be to try and do some research and educate people about the particular side effects and why this mixed with alcohol could kill you quite quickly."
    Medical student Hester Stewart, 21, died in April after taking the drug.

    Source - http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/scotland/south_of_scotland/8123858.stm


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