Fiction: Adam's Day (part 1)

  1. CapitalistZombie

    Hillary was coming over soon. Adam wasn’t as excited as he felt he should be

    to have his girl coming over. She would probably give another lecture of sorts about getting

    clean, what she didn’t realize though was that her lectures were impossible to get through

    sober. Adam loaded up an oil lamp (that’s what he has to call them when he buys them at the

    local Grand Forks head shops. If he calls them meth pipes they call the cops) and prepared for

    her arrival. Holding the lighter a few inches under the bubble to melt down the crystals into a

    vapor-producing liquid, the rush of the first few hits sped his heart rate up, dilated his eyes,

    dried his mouth, and prepared him for Hillary’s arrival.

    He wanted to make sure that it was nice and clean and tidy before Hillary

    arrived, if it wasn’t she would threaten to do the cleaning herself; that always made Adam feel

    guilty and a little bit uncomfortable. The next twenty minutes were spent gathering up all of

    his clothes that he had left scattered around the apartment, though he decided to leave the

    couch with a few shirts on it to cover up the rips and burn marks. He contemplated changing

    his clothes as he had slept in them (socks and all) but he had only worn them since yesterday,

    so they weren’t that dirty. The bathroom was clean, usually was; that was Adam’s favorite

    spot to clean when he was high and had nothing better to do to keep his mind from

    deteriorating until he engaged in a desperate hunt for anything resembling a chunk of crystal.

    Dishes weren’t done but there weren’t many so he didn’t worry about that either. The mini

    fridge was nearly empty except for a to-go box full of spaghetti that he had brought home

    from work yesterday. Just as he was going to shut it he saw that some of the sauce had

    leaked out of the cardboard and spent the rest of the time cleaning up the red stains before

    she came.

    She got to Adam’s efficiency apartment earlier than she said she would, like

    always. When he answered her soft rap at the door she immediately squeezed him firm

    around his waist and stood on the tops of her toes to give him a kiss. “Hi honey!” she

    exclaimed, and Adam let her in shutting the door behind her while she chirped on. He could

    smell the cold still clinging to her jacket underneath the obviously fresh perfume that she

    probably applied in the car on her way in on her neck. “How are you today? I just had the

    craziest day at work! Ashley came in late and while she was rushing off of the elevator she got

    her heel caught in the… door… Adam what the fuck?”

    She had noticed his pipe still sitting on his couch. Adam bit down on his

    bottom lip hard. He had spaced out in a futile attempt to make his apartment look nice before

    she came and had forgotten the most important detail of her arrival. Hide. The. Drugs. They

    were supposed to go in the top drawer of his TV stand; underneath the Batman comics. She

    was quite aware of his lackadaisical hiding spot but usually ignored it when she was in good

    spirits. As soon as an argument started she would fling that drawer open and remind him of

    how their relationship would never be healthy as long as he wasn’t.

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