Fighting the craving

  1. Struggling In SoCal
    Down to 4 mg of methadone, aside from some physical discomfort which is to be expected, I am having a hard time mentally. I have been calling my dealer who isn't home-thank God! The nights are so hard for me.

    I will be going into a medical detox wednesday or thursday and can't wait to be done with this sh**! I have been reading and reading about other people's withdrawal experiences, I don't know what exactly I am looking easier way to get through this, a magical answer, hope, I don't know. I guess going through this alone I feel connected some way to others with similar experience. I'm not going to lie, I am scared, what if I can't handle it..I realize that I am on a low dose compared to others who were so brave to jump at high doses, but nevertheless I am scared to detox and even more scared to remain addicted to opiates.

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