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  1. enquirewithin
    Prayer vigils in the Philippines were held yesterday in the hope of a "miracle" to save three Filipinos from execution in China.

    Ramon Credo, 42, Sally Villanueva, 32, and Elizabeth Batin, 38, are convicted drug traffickers due to be put to death today after mainland authorities rejected the Philippine government's appeals for mercy.

    In December, the Philippines skipped the Nobel Peace Prize ceremony in Oslo for jailed mainland dissident Liu Xiaobo in a move President Benigno Aquino said was aimed at saving the three.

    Vice President Jejomar Binay went to China last month to save them. But after Chinese authorities last week announced the date of the trio's executions, the Philippine government said it had done all it could and would accept the decision.

    Garry Martinez, chairman of Migrante International, a support group for Filipino overseas workers, has been helping the condemned trio's families. "We will not lose hope until they are executed," he said.

    "From a legal standpoint, their chances are small. But we are praying for a miracle for them."




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