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  1. WrtngCocaineTutorial
    Check this out:
    mike gravel - youtube It's amazing that he can say those things and still run for president.


  1. FuBai
    Re: Finally, a candidate making some sence

    Unfortunately, like Ron Paul, he is not considered a serious candidate by many.
  2. ~lostgurl~
    Re: Finally, a candidate making some sence

    This clip is already in the file archive, and if it wasn't that is where you should have put it, not in the forums. The discussion thread with link to the clip in the archive can be found here: Video - Mike Gravel Admits to Drug Use - Drugs Forum
  3. slakkr
    Re: Finally, a candidate making some sence

    Ron Paul in '08.
  4. Iseethefnords
    Re: Finally, a candidate making some sence

    I'm still voting Ron Paul.
  5. Each Hit
    Re: Finally, a candidate making some sence

    might as well not even vote, then. you'll just be throwing it away. it's like betting on a one-legged man to win the boston marathon.
  6. Iseethefnords
    A vote for someone who you truly agree with is not a vote wasted. And Pauls got more chance of winning than gravel.
  7. dsl39uf
    This is a president I would vote for. But unfortunately, I know he won't make it and I refuse to vote for these communist democrats who talk about free health care and money for college.
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