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Fire-bombs Blamed for Latest Head Shop Fire

By chillinwill · Feb 17, 2010 ·
  1. chillinwill
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    Fire-bombs Blamed for Latest Head Shop Fire

    The head-shop damaged by fire last night appears to have been petrol-bombed by two masked men.

    The ‘Happy Hippy’ on North Frederick Street is the second city ‘head shop’ to be damaged by fire in less than a week.

    A local security guard told 98’s Crime Correspondent Louise Byrne that his colleague on the night-shift tried to extinguish the flames shortly after the fire started.

    A staff member working in the shop at the time has been treated for shock, and the fire-scorched premises today remains sealed off, while gardai carry out a battery of forensic tests.

    The shop has been badly damaged, although not as severly as in the blaze on Capel Street last Friday, which gutted the Nirvana Headshop, and closed Capel street to traffic for several days.

    It’s raised deep concerns coming just days after the Nirvana fire. Gardai are now investigating arson as the possible cause for both fires, but refuse to be drawn on any possible links.

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