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  1. torachi
    Danville, Va. -- A 10 pound bottle of nitrous oxide is to blame for an explosion in a garage fire Thursday evening.

    Firefighters responded to the 1100 block of Halifax Road at 7:15 p.m., according to a news release from the Danville Fire Department.

    The fire was caused by a heat lamp that was installed too close to exposed roof trusses in a shed that was attached to the garage. The fire then spread from the shed to the inside of the garage, according to the release.

    The explosion lifted the roof off the structure and blew debris across the street. The four firefighters that were inside of the garage at the time of the explosion were able to escape without injuries.

    Two other firefighters that were on the outside of the garage next to a doorway when the explosion occurred took most of the force from the blast. They were checked on the scene for injuries and returned to duty, according to the release.

    Several dogs were inside a shed that was attached to the garage. A few dogs were rescued but four of them died in the fire, according to the release.

    Nick Needham
    1/13/2011 8:14:28 PM



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