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  1. chillinwill
    In Novosibirsk the criminal case against the salesmen of the smoking mixtures is excited

    Investigation administration [SKP] RF for Novosibirskaya Oblast excited the first criminal case, connected with the sale of psycho-active smoking mixtures, it communicates on the site [SKP].

    According to the data of consequence, two inhabitants of Novosibirsk sold in the stores the smoking mixtures Of gOAmix, Spice of tropical of synergy and others. The composite analysis, carried out in the state scientific center of virology and biotechnology “vector”, showed that in them enters the not indicated in the list of ingredients synthetic substance 1- pentyl -3 (1- naphthoyl) - indole, also known as JWH-018.

    This substance relates to the nonselective agonists of [kannabinoidnykh] receptors, i.e., with the entering into the organism it stimulates both the types - CB1 and CB2 - these receptors, acting similar to the active constituent of marijuana to [tetragidrokannabinolu] ([TGK]), but is more prolonged. At present JWH-018 undergoes clinical tests as analgesic.

    As the saying goes in the communication of the procuratorships, discovered smoking mixtures “possess different toxic potential and present danger to life and human health”.

    In the attitude of the salesmen of psycho-active mixtures is excited the criminal case in accordance with the point “but” of the part of 2 articles 238 [UK] RF (storage for purposes of sale and the sale of goods and production, not corresponding to the requirements of safety of life and health of users, by the complete group of the persons on the preliminary agreement). The maximum punishment, provided for such actions, comprises of up to six years of the deprivation of freedom.

    At present the investigation of the matter continues.

    In November 2009 the main sanitary doctor RF of Gennadiy [Onishchenko] proposed to introduce the components of smoking mixtures into the enumeration of narcotic substances. The head of Tatiana Golikov's [Minzdravsotsrazvitiya] RF on December 8 stated that the project of the corresponding decision of government is already directed toward the agreement to the profile departments. On December 15 the director of the Federal Service for control of drug trafficking ([FSKN]) Victor Ivanov reported that the prohibition for the revolution of smoking mixtures as narcotic passed the procedure of agreement and it will be soon transmitted to the examination of government.

    January 11, 2010
    Med Media

    This is a translation. The original article can be found at http://medportal.ru/mednovosti/news/2010/01/11/smokemix/


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