First DMT seizure by police in Western Australia

By chillinwill · Dec 4, 2008 · ·
  1. chillinwill
    WA POLICE have made what is thought to be WA's first seizure of the hallucinogenic drug DMT, and arrested three men.

    Police yesterday seized two grams of the drug, known as dimethyltryptamine, and arrested three men after raiding two properties in Denmark and Walpole, in the South of WA.

    Police were called into investigate after a patient was admitted to Denmark Hospital with a suspected drug overdose of the drug.

    "We believe this may be the first seizure of DMT by police in WA . . . And we also believe it is the first arrest as a result of this drug," Denmark Sergeant Dave Dench told PerthNow this afternoon.

    "This is new (to WA). It's not new to the world. . . it's been used for 300 or 400 years overseas, but it's new to WA. We have never come across this in WA before.

    ``Even though we've only seized 2 grams, the fact that we've locked up three men, we believe we've put quite a dint in the potential for this drug to hit Denmark in large quantities."

    DMT is extracted from the bark of certain trees and is manufactured during a "complex cooking process". Once "cooked", the yellow-coloured drug takes a crystalline or powder form. It is usually smoked, sometimes by lacing cannabis with the drug, police say.

    Sgt Dench said intelligence suggested that the drug was being sold in 1 gram packages for $200.

    He said chemists believed that each "dose" was 15 to 25 mg.

    "Our concern is that if someone who hasn't taken the drug before and doesn't know anything about it and takes 1 gram, which is way over the dosage that chemists recommend is sufficient, then it may potentially have some major health effects for them."

    He said police did not have any evidence that the drug, which is believed to have originated in South America, had been manufactured in the South West or from local trees.

    "There are about six or seven types of tree that this substance can be extracted from....But we don't have any direct intelligence to suggest it's been cooked locally," he said.

    A 25-year-old Walpole man will be charged by summons with supplying a prohibited drug (DMT), possessing a prohibited drug (DMT) and one count of possessing cannabis.

    A 22-year-old man from Denmark will be charged by summons with one count of possessing a prohibited drug (DMT) and possessing a smoking implement.

    The third man, a 23-year-old from Denmark, will be charged by summons for possessing cannabis and possessing a smoking implement.

    The three men will appear in Albany Magistrates Court in January.

    By Nicole Cox, police reporter
    December 04, 2008 01:00pm,21598,24751092-948,00.html

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  1. Desertfox
    This is the most ridiculous article ever. First off the police are misinforming the public and are trying to say that a man went to the hospital for an apparent OD of DMT?! they also say if sold to uneducated people is austraslia they could take way more than the recreational dose which is complete bullshit because if taken orally it doesn't do anything, if snorted it would start hurting way to much to take more than a few hundred mg's, and if smoked it would be impossible to take more than 3-5 hits before you can even comprehend what a pipe is let a lone take a hit. Nothing bugs SWIM more than misinformed indiviuals not doing their research and releasing this type of shit that the general public reads. by using vague words to keep the layman uninformed and fearful of dimehtyltryptamine, what a shame.
  2. crackcityrocker
    yeah, by stopping an incredibly small scale extraction by 2 people you have potentially saved the public from the next big epidemic. swim calls shenanigans on this whole article. bullshit.
  3. shivakiva2112
    Aside from those things already mentioned, this article isn't too bad. The police seem to know a fair bit about it, there was no mention of risk of insanity or death, and it is true that taking 1 gram of dmt could have some potentially major health effects, depending on the MOA.
  4. kerang
    Swim once actually got called into the local police headquarter and presented with a chare of importing 500 grams om DMT.
    He had been ordering herbs for Ayahuascha and customs figured out 250 grams each of Chacruna and Caapi woud result in pure DMT when put together.

    Swim enjoyed politely shooting down the officers arguments as none of those herbs are illegal where he's at. After a while he event agreed to show swim the paper he worked from.
    Seems the customs officers had found a webpage that suggested such non sense. Swim was dismissed without any charges.

    500 grams of DMT would last him a while.
  5. Scrubbs
    This DMT non-sense gets me quite mad. Each and every one of us has got endogenous DMT in our bodies/brains. WTF? Police arrest every single person on this planet, we are all illegal. I'd really wish somebody in the legal system would clear up this HUGE discrepancy. It is fukin ridiculous!
  6. cra$h
    not if they make money off it. Greed has corrupted man beyond repair, and it seems that anything that can break a man from greed has been strictly prohibited, with overly drastic concequences.
  7. Scrubbs
    Hell man, then I guess we were born illegal and will always be outsiders, never to be understood by our society.

    Unless of course, some kind of miracle were to happen...
  8. ODB

    lol, shenanigans.
  9. Wierd Logic
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