First Marijuana Cultivation - Outdoor Grow/Indoor Beginnings - Part 1: Noobin' out.

By berry13 · Feb 25, 2014 · ·
  1. berry13

    Outdoor plot I selected for outdoor growing at my home in California. It's a space behind my garage and the neighbor's fence is on the other side leaving about 5 feet in between, I dug down a foot and put bricks on the fence boundary. This area is not going to get the most sunlight so my plants will live in pots for a long time, once it's flowering season the area gets 12 hours at least.

    And just to be clear....Outdoor plot ends where I'm pointing at the brick...the rubber thing is just a placeholder and will be replaced with chickenwire, I didn't realize I didn't need so much space! :) In the end I have about 4x2 and I'd like to have 4 or more plants growing healthily!!

    A seed I found in my 1/8th buy of some top shelf Blue Knight (why are there any seeds in a top shelf right? They literally surprised me, they were on the top side of a nug crammed between that piece and the piece above, not visible until broken down to bowl or blunt they don't sell it in shake consistensy, only nugs - there's seeds inside. I think there were only 3 and TWO OF THEM freakin' germinated! I HOPE these seeds grow more!!

    Here's the bud that yielded 3 bagseed....would love it to grow. Straight indica.

    The strain is Tahoe OG BX3 ("back crossed 3" I'm not sure.)

    Beginning of grow - germination on Feb. 25, 2014. I placed 7 of the 14 seeds I have from a local dispensary on a wet paper towel folded and placed on a saucer with another folded damp paper towel on top, a saucer to close the inner area and make it dark+moist, and stuck it in my closet where I imagine it'll get the most heat or at least closest to 70F (30C or so).

    The bagseed Blue Knight was germinating after 48hrs a STRONG and LONG white tail appeared, no pics sorry

    2 Germinating bought Tahoe seeds...don't really care about these but would be nice to see a sprout.

    Both of the above two had this added to them, 1/4 of the recommended amount for a pot...This stuff works really nice in germinating seeds and lowering any shock of transplanting clones, but for my purposes it really helps germinate....again all of this was BEFORE my home depot and clone trip so I would like to show you how I take it up a notch now...

    ALL of my juicy juicy nutrients that I'll need for my plants..... I think.....

    We've got, all from home depot:
    -Locally made organic gardening soil (Really fine and good for mixing)
    -Another type of organic soil (smaller orange bag - not using this but its just in the pic)
    -pH Tester that ALSO CHECKS FOR NUTRIENTS "fertility" - (phosphorus, nitrogen, `etc) no batteries.
    -Dolomite based lime for raising the pH - (needs a little bit of crushing to be a powder)
    -Blue pebbles for lowering pH (Not sure of the name but the advertised opposite of the dolomite lime sold right next to it) - this is so I can have complete control over the pH (Not sure of ingredients)
    -Alaskan fish emulsion (Has tons of nitrogen, didn't realize it was like sludge you dilute but I'm happy with it. Will be useful in veg state)
    -Perlite for my clones and cutlings in the future (ALSO great for trasplant soil)
    -Sphagnum peat Moss (only if perlite is added) great for starting soil of a transplant clone which I have 3 of now!!!
    -Organic bug spray (not a pestiside, needs to be hooked up to the hose, not sure of it's usefulness)
    -ORGANIC POWDERED Blood Meal (to be mixed with bone and added to fertilizer... Nitrogen as FU*K!!!)
    -ORGANIC POWDERED Bone Meal - (to be mixed with blood and added to fertilizer... Phosphorus as FU*K!!!!)

    UPDATE - 7:05 PM (-8 GMT PST)
    I have put pictures inside the post as well as purchased 3 CLONES OF:
    Blue Dream - Sativa (damaged during transport and repaired with tape, should grow stronger after it is kept in place...
    Girl Scout Cookies - Indica Hybrid - The most expensive strain sold at this clone bank, everything else was ten less and the same price but this one was more. I got it for the price as all other 3 and so ultimately he discounted me another ten on top of that so I got a total of 20 off of everything. Not sourcing or priced.
    Bubba Walker - Indica - Last one they had, major roots underneath. Cross of Bubba OG x Skywalker OG. Mmm.

    More pics coming in the next post. It's still raining a STORM outside and I can't plant a damn thing. My lights arent strong enough indoors to keep these alive but there is no light it's either cloudy and raining or cloudy and not raining. After the storm it will be nearing week 2 and I can bring stuff outdoors for light. No transplanting for a month or so.

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  1. detoxin momma
    hey berry,u said this is your 1st grow? my experience with growing,i never do well with germinating.even when they sprout and i transplant them to the soil they would eventually die...with the other seeds i would try to just plant them directly into the soil.the best plants i ever grow are simply planted in with my house plants,around now.early march maybe...

    then by the time its warm enough to put my houseplants outside i will very carefully transplant my baby plants straight into the ground,in open sun.making sure to get them very very wet after the transplant.

    so,if you have some good privacy,i would seriously consider that with your remaining seeds.if you dont have any houseplants,just use pots of sure some will disagree.but i have successful plants every year.and i have found germinating to be completely unnecassary.i poke a hole with a pencil,bury the seed,and water..thats all it takes,for me...
    if i plant it,it will grow lol....i look forward to seeing your progress tho:thumbsup:good luck!
  2. berry13
    I have potted the remaining 7 seeds before reading this suggestion...they're about a half inch under the surface and in the pictures that I swear will be added within 3 hours of this post (my phone is acting buggy as hell but I actually got it working and I can take pictures again, it's just I can't take pics of the plot because it's dark.) -- I can show my seeds germination area and also the fertilized and nutrient filled soil the seeds were planted in....I planted 3 in 1 and 4 in another, one was kinda white, but whatever.

    I ended up taking them out of the soil the next day because the ones i put in the towels a day earlier started germinating! 2 of the 3 freakin bagseeds germinated and that was after 2 freakin' days, we'll see in another what they look like...I have planted some tahoe and blue knight I hope the seedlings come in nice :) they are under a lamp all the time right now.
  3. berry13
    Today I plan on going to a local Los Angeles, San Fernando Valley, Hollywood, Venice and maybe one more place in the area that has seeds for sale...can't name them but they are all very well known for walk-ins and orders if you want, but pickup is the best...I'm probably going to the one in the valley its medium far from me compared to the whole list but I can make the trip in an hour probably and I'm gonna end up grabbing 8 clones to plant in addition to my seeds...also maybe order some seeds online and germinate THOSE mofo's...

    It depends on how much money is given to me by my caregivers....I don't have it right now :thumbsdown: but will in about a week :vibes: I know exactly how but again can't share. So I can pay them back but they know the seeds are germinating so I need to keep all my plants on the same cycle... the blue knight is a fantastic genetic I hope the bagseeds are good they both had THICK white stems compared to the Tahoe so that alone showed they were strong...I ended up losing a Tahoe seed lol so I have 2 of each I believe. Could be males....could be hermi....shite I'm gonna probably not be too happy, which is why I'm substituting with FEMINIZED clones....and order some seeds online a pack of 10-15 or so and we'll see what happens aye? :cool:

    Pictures soon. Should i make an album or what?
  4. berry13
    GREAT NEWS!!!! I've uploaded pictures just waiting for mod approval to make them a part of this blog entry....I woke up to 2 of my 3 Blue Knight indica BAGSEEDS had germinated with a STRONG and LONG white root, the two of them looked the most rigorous of all of them.

    Also my Tahoe seeds started finally after 72 hours to germinate, I got 1 or 2 of them transplanted into soil (pictured but I can't access them yet, everything to be added in an hour or so!!!!)

    Wish me luck and please let me know what will help to pick up.
  5. berry13
    OK - OP Edited with pics.

    Also got clones. Also went to home depot. Tons of info on that in the new OP and part 2 will be about the clones and new fertilizer and stuff :)
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