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First Marijuana Cultivation - Outdoor Grow - Part 2: Attack of the Clones!

  1. berry13
    Hey guys :)

    It's night time right now so I only have 1 picture of a clone I have. I now have 6, all of them super healthy but at different stages in development, some look to be 5wks and some maybe 7 or 8. The genetics I have are from a reputable clone collective in SoCal (there's tons of them) and what I'm growing and breeding:

    1. Super Lemon Haze
    (Click for more info)

    2. King Louie the XIII (SUPER BIG! AND HEALTHY)
    (Click for more info)

    (Click for more info)

    4. Girl Scout Cookies (Oldest I've got I believe, best genetics this place has)
    (Click for more info)

    5. True OG (Or so they say...I think I believe them :) )
    (Click for more info)

    6. Moby Dick (Sativa beauty, again just 2 left and mine had great short healthy FAT roots)
    (Click for more info)

    The whole family! :)

    And last but not least here's my little one who's popped out after germination....my ONLY SEED that made it! lol! This picture was taken about 2 weeks after the oldest (GSC) and a week after the other clones. The up to date pictures of clones will be in the next post! And that won't be weeks after taking the pics lol, I put this post off too long :(

    I'll keep you guys updated in a day or two...it's a crucial time for all of them right now (the ones which have been transplanted after I got the clones and have taken well to the soil are clearly flourishing and the ones that don't take well to the soil right now are obvious as well...they are struggling a little bit and I am researching what to do right now about them)

    You will see new pics in a day or so maybe in my part 3 and that one will include the picture of my seedling! It's now about 2 inches tall (and it was growing strangely, like curved because it kept getting taller and covered with a little bit more soil, a little bit more, etc, then i let it all go away and so it's a little tall :) )

    Until next time, stay smokin'!


  1. berry13
    Snapping away right now for part 3.
  2. detoxin momma
    lookin good berry!youre way ahead of me lol..just put some seeds in the dirt...as i said on your last blog,germination never works for me.idk why,just doesnt...i think blue dream is lookin a lil malnourished or burnt tho.might wanna keep a close eye on her...assuming it is female.hoping, i should say;)
  3. berry13
    The Blue Dream is dead my man :(

    Everything else is alive! I kept a close eye on her but ultimately she just would not root at all. RIP.

    The rest of them are doing great though. the seedling is about 4-5 inches tall now, and 3 of them are outstanding. 2 of them look a little yellow but they will make it, I just need to figure out what the problem is. It's about time I put up part 3!

    Really, the loss of the blue dream isn't terrible. It's better than having to work super hard on saving it.
  4. detoxin momma
    yeah it isnt terrble.in my experiences i always lose a few.im extremely low maintenance tho.just plant em and let mother nature do its thing...practice makes perfect!:D
  5. soso
    Detoxin momma says in a post, asuming it's female. I thought that was the main reason for cloning, so that you can guarantee 100% that all plants will be female.
    How old were the parent plants? Was the blue dream took from a young plant?
  6. Neuropsychonaut
    A friend of mine has had a successful grow and he taught me some things. One tip is that you should make sure that your plants don't stay in a pot that is any shallower than 75% of the plants height. After a while the roots will coil and once they have reached their maximum the plant growth will slow or stop. Also keep track of the ages as plant need different nutrients at different stages. I can't remember (nor have time to research) which nutrients are needed at which stage but it is generally different concentrations of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. The final tip off the top of my memory is to avoid using tap water. This depends entirely where you live but often there are chemicals like fluoride in the water; potentially detrimental to your little beauties. Rain water works great if you can leave a bucket under a drain. Alternatively, filtered or boiled and cooled water (I'd double check this before trying).

    My friend only ever tried growing once but he did both from seed and both were successful females. He thinks this is because of the user friendly guides he read and I would recommend you have a a browse as the experts can really help the average grower to maximize their yield and potency (without massively expensive equipment like hydroponics systems and HP lightning).

    Oh, and if you have time (and patience) try curing some of it in a air tight container opened once daily for three months. This will produce the smoothest tastiest smoke you have ever tried and its well worth the wait!

    You probably knew most of this stuff already but I'd thought I'd share some tip just in case. Happy growing!
  7. Gibson4rock
    They are lookin good. I can't wait to see your finished product. Thanks for posting pictures :):thumbsup:
  8. berry13
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