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First Private Marijuana Clubs Open In Colorado

  1. ZenobiaSky
    18740.jpg With reggae music pumping in the background and flashing disco-style lights, members of the recreational pot club lit up in celebration of the new year — and a new place to smoke legally among friends.

    Club 64, in an industrial area just north of downtown Denver, opened at 4:20 p.m. on Monday, with some 200 people signed up. The opening came less than 24 hours after organizers announced they would charge a $29.99 admission price for the bring-your-own pot club.

    "Look at this!" Chloe Villano exclaimed as the club she created over the weekend opened. "We were so scared because we didn't want it to be crazy. But this is crazy! People want this."

    The private pot dens popped up less than a month after Colorado's governor signed into law a constitutional amendment allowing recreational pot use. Club 64 gets its name from the number of the amendment.

    Two Colorado clubs were believed to be the first legal pot dens in the nation. The Denver Post reported that a similar pot club opened earlier Monday in the small southern Colorado town of Del Norte. However that club was quickly shutdown by the landlord of the building it was in, reports the Post.

    Colorado's marijuana amendment prohibits public consumption, and smoke-free laws also appear to ban indoor smokeouts. But Club 64 attorney Robert Corry said private pot dens are permissible because marijuana isn't sold, nor is it food or drink.

    Villano, the club owner, said the pot club would meet monthly at different locations, with the $29.99 membership fee good for only one event. On Monday, the pot club was meeting in a hemp-based clothing store near downtown. Hooded sweatshirts and backpacks were shoved to a corner. In the main area, a few small tables sat next to a screen showing "The Big Lebowski."

    A bar decorated with blue Christmas lights handed out sodas and Club 64's official snacks — Goldfish and Cheetos. The snacks were inspired by Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper, who warned marijuana users the night of the marijuana vote, "don't break out the Cheetos or Goldfish too quickly."

    Corry said the pot clubs are intended for people who can't use marijuana at home because of local ordinance or because their landlords threaten eviction.

    "It's just a place for adults to exercise their constitutional rights together," Corry said. "We're not selling pot here."

    Among the new Club 64 members planning to ring in the New Year was Joe Valenciano of Denver. He heard about Club 64 a day ago and signed up immediately.

    "We need more clubs like this," Valenciano said.

    CBS/AP/ January 1, 2013, 4:53 PM


  1. MikePatton
    "Pot Den"? Really? damn reporter... -_-
    Well congratulations Colorado, this is great to hear. How long before they have to regulate the sales of cannabis?
  2. Alfa
    The first US coffeeshops?

    Do we have video?
  3. Kid Cudi
    According to the article, marijuana isn't sold by a "vendor" at these clubs, so it isn't exactly like a coffee shop you'd find in Amsterdam. Although, it is pretty similar.

    Nevertheless, I think this is a great step forward towards future legalization of marijuana in the other 48 states who have yet to become green. Hopefully, the federal government won't interfere with the states and their progress.
  4. seaturtle
    What happens behind closed doors stays behind closed doors, of course they're trading/selling it. Cops would have zero proof if they ever walked in since everyone in the club can legally possess Marijuana and money.
  5. Rude Boy
    I agree, to easy to be buying/selling it within the shop (you may lose membership though)

    But this is a nice step in the right direction. Can't believe 64 even went through in the first place. Makes me giddy just thinking about it :)
  6. Kid Cudi
    I was referring to a licensed marijuana vendor who can sell the drug and related products, like in Amsterdam or a medical marijuana dispensary. I wouldn't doubt that people, in the club, would sell/share weed to/with each other. Like Rude Boy said, it's a much easier and safer source of marijuana, compared to the black market on the streets.
  7. Basoodler
    The licensed vendors are on hold for a year to allow law makers to decide on standard policy. They can't even have commercial grows until then. I assume users can grow their 6 plants and use that to smoke legally in Colorado. Washington is more complex due to the users not being able to grow plants at home.

    I'm just glad that a major media outlet hasn't jumped on fabricated story about users getting high and partaking in immoral debauchery. That in itself is good news... Its still early though and I'm sure Dateline NBC and 20/20 had their people right in the mix. Got to get some ratings for an hour long dateline exclusive on 'pot dens'
  8. ZenobiaSky
    I'm not sure where your from Bas, but your information is incorrect, and that may be a media thing. Licensed vendors of medical marijuana are still open and able to sell medical marijuana in Colorado. At least a few days ago when I stopped by they were. Unless I misunderstood what you meant, which could very well be. But leave it to the "Colorful Coloradians" to open the first pot dens! (even if one of them have been shut down already)
  9. Basoodler
    Oh I ment recreational sales. Because they are keeping them separate I thought?

    Sorry I wasn't more clear.
  10. ZenobiaSky
    Oh, I get it, but according to the new law, it's ok to possess it but not sell or distribute. That will be the next big step I foresee, after they figure out how to keep it in Colorado.
  11. hookedonhelping
    What stops anyone from selling a pack of rolling papers for 14.99 and giving away a free complimentary gram of high quality cannabis with the purchase of the papers? Sure 14.99 is a lot for a pack of rolling papers, but if you dig into your marketing bag and label them "magic" rolling papers, you may be able to pull it off.

    Where there's a will, there's a way.
  12. Basoodler
    If I understand correctly then the store can only have 1 oz per employee currently working on hand to remain legal until the law is made for retail sales .

    I may be wrong

    Stockpiles of gram bags would be illegal even if they were giving it away
  13. storkfmny
    It might be cool to be able to say you were at the first legal pot shop in the country but otherwise, I would not pay anyone to be allowed to smoke my own weed for one evening.
  14. ZenobiaSky
    It will be interesting to see how this all unfolds and turns out in the end. I'm sure there will be a lot of trial and error before they get it right, kinda like the Medical Marijuana Dispenseries that some cities in Colorado made illegal.
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