first they came for pseudofed... next they came for the baking soda...

By Shiacmkmleer · Apr 6, 2007 · ·
  1. Shiacmkmleer
    [SIZE=+2]Lawmaker wants baking soda to be sold behind counter

    [/SIZE] [SIZE=-1]07:21 PM CDT on Thursday, April 5, 2007

    [/SIZE] [SIZE=-1] [/SIZE] What do you think about selling baking soda behind the counter to stop drug makers?

    ST. LOUIS (AP) -- A St. Louis legislator wants to require that baking soda be sold behind the pharmacy counter, as part of an effort aimed at a base ingredient in crack cocaine.
    The proposal by Democratic Representative Talibdin El-Amin is modeled after a state law that requires some cold medicines to be placed behind the pharmacy counter because they contain ingredients used to make meth.
    The anti-meth law requires customers to show a photo I-D and sign a book specifying their name, address and how much they purchased.
    El-Amin's bill would implement similar requirements for the purchase of sodium bicarbonate, otherwise known as baking soda. The measure was filed last month and has yet to receive a hearing.
    Federal drug enforcement officers questioned whether adopting the restrictions for a commonly used product would work.

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  1. Micklemouse
    Words fail me, they really do. What next? Microwaves & other ovens? Baking trays? Tin foil? Bics?
  2. Bajeda
    I seriously hope this is a ploy to expose the stupidity of the current Combat the Methamphetamine act and related legislation, rather than an actual strategy for reducing crack cocaine production. My goodness...
  3. Nicaine
    LOL... behind the counter, huh? Should they maybe start putting little packets of it next to the rack of Bic lighters and glass "pens" too? :D

    Edit -- "Make your own kits -- fun for every child. Give them something to do while mommy hits the pipe... keeps their hands busy. Disposable metal spoon included." :crazy
  4. Micklemouse
    Just thought - anyone have an extraction for self-raising flour?
  5. zera
    Ammonia is better for freebasing anyway. Go ahead and ban baking soda, lets increase the quality of street freebase.
  6. Nicaine
    Yeah but you think those street dealers would give the ammonia time to dry before peddling their wares? Cough, cough hack hack hack... AaAAUUGGGHH, Ammonia! :eek:
  7. Riconoen {UGC}
    What the hell is wrong with our lawmakers? This bullshit has got to stop, I am serious, write a letter campaign to your local represenative pushing for the psuedoephedrine act to be repealed, show them the stats that it has only given violent cartels in mexico more power, riase money for an ad, DO SOMETHING!!!!!! We can sit here and bitch about our rights being taken away one by one but that will only accomplish a days boredom being alleeved and not much else. It's time to tell lawmakers in washington that we the people are mad as hell and we we aren't going to take it anymore.
  8. Nagognog2
    I'll bet Arm & Hammer is having a field day with this one. Of course it's founder - Armand Hammer (really) - was a Socialist. So the Feds hated him.

    America is defined by a phrase: As American as Apple-Pie! And now it will be un-patriotic to bake an apple-pie. The baking-soda in your kitchen is the gateway to drug-addiction! Shriek!
  9. English_T
    Banning 'anything' has never once brought about the outcome that the 'lawmakers/Do-Gooders' expected - Prohibition of Alcohol - case in point. It's very inception brought organised crime to heights they had once only dreamed of. The very same is happening once again, pse is made difficult to obtain or banned outright and Mexican crime gangs reap the rewards.
  10. stoneinfocus
    Here you´ll have to sign a form if you buy cigarette papers, escpially the long ones rizla +, address and name ´s required. ;-)
  11. IkBenDeMan
    Shit man, my refrigerators gonna stink...
  12. Nacumen
    These anti-meth laws are essentially outsourcing meth's production to Mexico, like several of you have already pointed out. But instead of decreasing the prices of the product, it will increase them, and put more money in the hands of foreigners, foreign criminals no less, while driving addicts to new extremes to fund their habit. History repeats itself.

    *Sigh*... shortsighted vote-fiends, our lawmakers are.

    Anyway, back on topic. I don't think this will go through, nor will it ever gain national approval. It's just too ridiculous. It would be repealed within weeks.
  13. fnord
    swim hopes that baking soda starts getting sold behind the counters!!hell start writting all the lobyist/congresspeople he can to see this happen!just so people will have an added discomfort in there lives.swim belives this is the best way to expose how stupid the war on drugs really is.dose anyone else feel this way?or is swim just a wierdo?
  14. UberDouche
    SWIM remembers reading a book, 'Secrets of Methamphetamine Manufacture' by E X Boozie, SWIM thinks. In it the author suggested the strategy of 'controlling/watching' various precursor materials would ultimately work against itself. This would occur due to the ever expanding 'DEA watch list' as new materials and techniques are utilised to get around the 'list'. Pretty soon the 'list' has so many items on it, it becomes impossible to enforce.
    Imagine things like baking soda, grass, trees, flowers, people, etc...

    It boggles the mind, it really does. But give it time, pretty soon humans everywhere will have a chip implanted at birth to monitor all these things (and much more data) at the destination point: the consumer. Because it's all about the Benjamins, baby! ;-)
  15. IkBenDeMan
    I've actually often thought about this...
  16. Cakes
    it is sad but i think they may be incapable of seeing even still.

    at my grocery they put the infant formulas behind the counter because they think it will keep us from making meth. it alarms me that now it is impossible for the young and broke to steal food for their babies.

    makes it all the much worse since they also put the condoms behind the counter...

    and for the record, self rising flour has baking POWDER, not baking soda. and apple pie has neither. also ammonia can be used with salt to make baking soda.
  17. Shiacmkmleer
    Do they really? Not here they dont.

    The sad thing is I dont think most Americans will mind the wasted time if they think it is going to stop "evil". I seriously am depressed because I've been trying to think for the past two weeks of asoltuion and I am stuck as stuck can be
  18. Swimster
    O great, now the ungsters can think -"shit im not eighteen, Fuck it, grr.., who needs e'm!"<br> Then increase the under-age pregnancy incedints!<br><br>
    These restrictions will worsen though! Things will get much pethetic-er.
  19. Nagognog2
    I really got to start wearing my "I FUCK ON THE FIRST DATE" t-shirt more often.

    Our condoms are in plain view here with big displays. But if they pulled that shit - I'd go befriend some people with young kids - 6 - 8 years old - and rent their kids to go ask for rubbers. The film crew would be present but hidden. Can you say Cable-Access?

    You can get a good SONY Hi-8 camcorder for under $250 these days...
  20. English_T
    ...that Represenatives name sounds a little too much like 'Taleban' to me.....what's his brother's name, Osama? ....
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