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Fishy discovery leads to Australia drug bust. Heroin

  1. BlueMystic

    Fishy discovery leads to Australia drug bust

    SYDNEY (Reuters) - Australian customs officers thought something was fishy when they inspected a man's luggage and found jars of pickled fish.

    Closer inspection found 39 condoms of heroin inside the fish.

    Officers at Adelaide airport in South Australia "became suspicious about pickled fish fillets inside jars found in the passenger's luggage" on Wednesday, a Customs statement said.

    "Closer inspection revealed a number of condoms sewn inside the fish pieces," said the statement on Thursday.

    A 32-year-old Australian man returning from Cambodia was arrested and will be charged with importing more than two kg (4.4 pounds) of heroin, Customs said.

    The charge of importing a commercial quantity of drugs carries a penalty of life imprisonment and/or a fine of up to A$825,000 (332,829 pounds).


  1. Jatelka
  2. Micklemouse
    :DApart from a few extra carriage returns & a different link in this one they are in fact... exactly the same! Hey ho!
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