Five Arrested In $20 Million Ecstasy Lab Bust

By MJDW · Oct 26, 2007 · Updated Oct 20, 2010 ·
  1. MJDW
    A vehicle stop in the Finch and McCowan area has led Royal Canadian Mounted Police to a drug bust with an estimated value of more than $20 million.

    During the stop late Friday, police said they found approximately 125,000 Ecstasy tablets, weighing about 15 kilos. The discovery led them to a nearby home on Pipers Green Ave., where it's alleged the drug was being produced and more than 2 million more pills were being held. Authorities said the house had previously been used as a marijuana grow-op that was busted last year.

    As of Saturday, a full blown search of the residence was underway with RCMP, Toronto Police, fire officials and Health Canada on hand, each conducting an investigation. It's one of the largest drug busts either police force has ever made.

    "I think it's comfortable to say that this investigation is crossing provincial and national borders," said RCMP Sgt. Brent Hill. "Unfortunately we live in an age when synthetic drugs have become very popular among young people ... so we're going to find more and more of these situations."

    Neighbours say they should have known something was up with the residence.

    "You never saw anybody come and go out of that home," admitted nearby resident Martin Wilson. "A lot of traffic later on at night ... but in the day, nothing."

    It's not known whether there is a connection between the man charged in the grow-up case, and those charged in the drug lab bust.
    "It's shocking that we come across this," said RCMP Insp. Rick Penney. "That some same facilities are used now for the production and manufacturing of different chemicals and yet you've had sizeable seizures on each occasion."

    Facing drug-possession charges are Yan Shi, 31, Wei Qion Ma, 29, Yao Quan Jian, 20 and Shu Qiang Wu, 37, of Toronto. Wan Shan Ling, 50, of Brooklyn, N.Y. is also facing possession charges.

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