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  1. Beenthere2Hippie
    With empathy, the ability to recognize and feel other people’s emotions, comes the disadvantage of also absorbing the suffering and negativity of the others around you. When this occurs, your ability to function at your best can be significantly impacted. Even a person who is not so empathic can be affected energetically when around negative or dramatic people.

    Absorbing other people’s negative energy can be just as toxic on a person as ingesting unhealthy food, and perhaps even more noticeably draining. Thus, learning how to stop this from happening can be a valuable skill. Here are five methods that you can use so you absorb less negative energy from others around you.

    1 - Be Selective About the People You Allow into Your Life

    You have to come to terms that not everyone will like you, and you don’t have to become friends with everyone that you meet. You do not need to pressure yourself into befriending everyone you meet, either at work, though existing friends, or via your kids. Of course you want to be polite, but trust your intuition when meeting new people and don’t ever feel like you need to spend time with people just because you’ve come to know them by association.

    Furthermore, if you find yourself often needing to vent about a person, have a friend that is consistently negative about life, or feel like someone in your life is regularly taking advantage of you or is unkind to you, then perhaps it is time to create some distance. Some friendships or relationships are just not good for you, and you have to be able to accept that. Once you do, you can let go of the friends and acquaintances who dump their negativity on you. Learning to let go and saying “no” to people who do not deserve your time and attention allows you more time for the ones that do, including your family and YOURSELF.

    2 - Don’t Try Please Everyone

    We all have only so many hours in one day, so be selective about who receives your time. Don’t waste it on people who don’t seem to care about you, give you a hard time, or are overly critical of you. Just as you won’t like certain individuals, there will be some that don’t like you or do not treat you kindly.

    Focus on developing relationships that seem to thrive naturally, versus working on getting people to like you who naturally don’t gravitate to you. The latter will not only leave you drained, they will probably affect how you perceive yourself.

    3 - Beware of Energy Vampires

    As already mentioned, you may have existing friends that are always negative about life, but consider that some people are can be even more toxic. These types could be dubbed energy vampires because they suck you dry of all positive energy and leave you with all their negativity. That is what keeps them going. Beware of energy vampires who always use negative words and dump negative emotions onto you. Notice which “friends” use pessimistic language or treat you like a soundboard for their negative feelings. You are likely absorbing all of their negativity every time you see them.

    This doesn’t mean stop being there for a friend in need, but pay attention to the ones that take advantage of a kind ear or are inclined to always use negative language. Let them know how you feel about all the pessimism. If these “friends” don’t understand that they are draining you, then perhaps they are not really your friends.

    4 - Be Responsible for Yourself

    You are the only person that has control over how you feel. In any situation, you have the choice of how you react and what you do. Some say it takes years of training to control your feelings, but it all starts with awareness, which you can practice right now. Taking responsibility for yourself means that you have to start becoming aware of how you feel when certain people are around you. And then are not afraid to take action. If you spend time with someone who makes you feel bad or leaves you drained, it is time to create some distance between you and that person.

    Don’t be a victim, because you have the power of how you experience life. You will absorb more goodness and less negativity if you really reflect on how people, places and situations make you feel, and then take action to change what does not serve you.

    5 - Spend Time Alone

    For some reason the Western society has come to denigrate personal characteristics such as introversion, shyness, timidity, etc. However, time alone, and the personal discovery that happens during this time, can be quite healing and regenerating. For some, solitude is quite difficult as it is a time when a person starts to really look at what’s happening with their own self. Yet it is necessary if you are to cultivate the awareness you need to identify when you absorb negative energy and who in your life is an energy vampire.

    Remember simple tools such as breathing slowly, quiet meditation, reading a good book, and spending time in nature. They are all available to you so you can enjoy solitude.

    Use these tools when you are ready to take action to rid yourself of unwanted energetic toxicity and reinforce yourself for yet another day.

    By Amy Hunt - Waking Times/July 2, 2016
    Art: artofwisdom
    Newshawk Crew

    Though not a drug story, a story highlighting some natural ways to avoid stress, the key reason many of us abuse drugs in the first place.

    Author Bio

    BT2H is a retired news editor and writer from the NYC area who, for health reasons, retired to a southern US state early, and where BT2H continues to write and to post drug-related news to DF.


  1. Booty love
    Bottom line....

    If you understand and unconditionally love yourself...as an island, then you will naturally give off positive energy, protecting yourself from absorbing outside negative energies as your own

    That will lead to approaching outside fears/pain with logic and compassion, instead of emotion, leading to understanding and overcoming negative energies or accepting and adapting to negative energies out of your control.

    This is where wisdom is gained and a leader is born!

    Being the honest and compassionate protagonist of your own reality is paramount for giving and recieving unconditional relationships
    And unconditional relationships are the building blocks of human happiness
  2. bigloc
    Thank you for finding that, these are some very good tools that people can use in every day life. I think these simple ideas when practiced can improve your life in great ways.
  3. Booty love
    this^^will give a person a strong self core!

    Humans are in many ways just like sky scrapers!

    The strongest part of the building is its core!

    The taller the building, the stronger its core must be!

    A sky scraper is always being tested by the wind, and one with a weak core wont stand Up to it for long...and can only hope that if and when it falls...one of the other buildings will catch it, proping it up and keeping it from complete collapse!

    Its an analogy...the wind is the negative energies that are all around us, the sky scrapers are people and their ability to keep that negative energy from hurting them, is the core.
    i'm sorry i wasn't more clear the first time
  4. monkeyspanker
    Thanks BT2H :), I really needed to read that right now, probably why the universe woke me up and made me sign on to DF first thing!!

    Bless you!

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