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    Five men have today been sentenced for offences relating to a £125m Class A drugs-production ring in Sheffield.

    Mohammed Faizan, 26, of Whiteways Close, Adnan Lal, 27, of Crabtree Close, Haidar Ali, 25, of Earl Marshall Road, all in Fir Vale and Mohammed Zulficar, 33, of Cranworth Place in Eastwood and Mohammed Ishaq, 39, of Main Street in Mexborough, were all convicted on April 2.

    Zulficar has been sentenced to 24-years in prison, Lal 18-years, Ishaq 16-years and Faizan and Ali were sentenced to 12-years each.

    The five men were arrested in April 2012 and subsequently all charged with conspiracy to produce Class A drugs and conspiracy to supply Class A drugs.

    DC Andrew Shaw, the officer who led the investigation, said: “This was a sophisticated operation which we were able to stop, thanks to the information from an observant and concerned local resident.

    “This is a prime example of the community and the police working together in difficult times. Drugs are a blight on decent communities that can have disastrous effects on lives.

    “I would always encourage members of the public to tell us what's happening in their communities and we will take action wherever possible."

    Photograph South Yorkshire Police; Top L-R - Mohammed Faizan, Adnan Lal and Mohammed Zulficar, Bottom L-R - Haidar Ali and Mohammed Ishaq
    April 7 2014
    ITV News


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