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Flesh-Eating Drug Krokodil Is Now Attacking Chicago Suburbs

  1. Rob Cypher
    The flesh-eating drug Krokodil made its horrifying United States debut two weeks ago in Arizona, but as many feared, its use has spread: there have now been three reports of the drug in a Chicago suburb.

    Krokodil, the inexpensive “heroin substitute” that is really just a mix of codeine and gas or paint thinner, causes gangrene, abscesses, and skin to fall off the bone. A hit of the drug costs only $8 compared to the $25-30 premium for heroin. But when thinking about long-term investment, heroin might make more sense if you’d like to keep your fucking skin. Dr. Abhin Singla of the Presence St. Joseph Medical Center in Joliet tells of walking into the hospital Monday when he "overheard a nurse speaking about heroin and then caught the distinctive odor of rotting flesh.”

    According to Dr. Singla, all the three patients being treated at the hospital have similar backgrounds: they’re all female, they’re all between the ages of 18 and 25, and they all come from middle-class backgrounds in the suburban Joliet area. While one of the patients knew she was taking the drug, the other two—frighteningly—did not. Joliet doctors are now in the beginning of an “excruciatingly painful fight to save their arms, legs, fingers and toes from amputation and their skin from rotting away.”

    Will County already struggles with a “burgeoning” heroin epidemic and officials are concerned this might be the beginning of a much greater Krokodil problem.

    Lacey Donohue
    October 9, 2013



  1. Boltzmann
    Has this been verified to be the monstrous mix of chemicals in 'krokodil', or is this just speculation? I am quite skeptical.
  2. Beenthere2Hippie
    You're right, Boltzmann, this has not been verified. As late as Oct. 3rd, the DEA said, "There is still no lab evidence that the two cases in Arizona are from the use of krokodil." Tests to determine the possible causes of the Arizona cases are still being run. And there's this that I put up on a similar page here of DF:


  3. mc9391
    thats scary. i live in the chicago area. i use heroin and i have been thinking about krokodil possibly being in it to make it stronger so dealers can charge more. and the fact that 2 of them didnt know they were doing it doesnt ease my mind.. chances are they thought they were shooting heroin and somehow got that mixed in or something if i had to guess.. exactly what i feared.
  4. TheBigBadWolf
    And there is going to be none.

    Nobody needs to do krokodil when there are enough mexican cartel drug dealers with dirty hands having scratched their arses with their dirty fingernails and then portionate the oh so clean so called black tar *heroin* - that combine with the usual non-harm-reduction techniques of the average US junky ( we remeber, problems to get clean needles, fear from being prosecuted for owning paraphernalia) is already enough to catch gangrene, nobody needs to get an exotic cocktail of chemicals that in the first place lack the precursor drug (Codeine).

    In all western Europe there were appearances of krokodil, none of which was ever verified. The same there will not be any verifications be happening in US, there simply is no krokodil around.

    People get skin and flesh infections every day- thats what it is - infections, not some symtoms for caustic chemical cocktails.

    The Authorities and Media keep lying to the public, all to mask the massive problems that were only caused by the 'war against Drugs'.
    who ever believes this krok BS should take a test on naivity.

  5. Jabba420
    I watched a documentary about Krokodil and have to say its the most disgusting drug ever. They showed people whose flesh had rotted away all the way down to the bone, missing fingers and toes, puss filled sores and lesions.....stay far far away from this shit
  6. Szandbwoy
    Suppose it was only a matter of time before it started spreading to other locations. Stay safe, fellow opiate users. I wish you well, and wouldn't want anyone to get caught up in this. The fact that 2 of them had absolutely no idea they were taking it is frightening. Again, stay safe.
  7. Samadhi
    I'm rather sick of seeing the Desomorphine get blamed for these peoples necrosis and related problems. It's not the chemical that does this, it's the fact that junkie cooks don't know hot to properly wash their product and they are using impure OTC reagents.

    It's along the lines of when people say that meth is a combination of battery acid, toilet bowl cleaner, ammonia and cough medicine when in all actuality, it's a reaction of a few chemicals to be turned into a HCl salt and (hopefully) purified to a decent level.

    While I don't support vein banging or opiate use, I just wanted to point out the thing that a lot of news reporters and even drug users misunderstand about this drug. It's not the chemical itself that kills (although it does do a ton of harm and is quite addicting) it's the shoddy production and leftovers from the synth that cause the most problems with physical decay.
  8. soso
    who do you feel is blaming desomorphine for the necrosis and related problems, the media or people on this site?
  9. Ghetto_Chem
    Media, I'd assume.

    Its not so much that the desomorphine itself is getting blamed, its just the "krokodil" substance is gaining all the bad attention, and since desomorphine is the active constituent of that "substance" its going to look bad as well.

    Its the same as ecstasy, we all know alot of ecstasy out there contains no MDMA at all, yet MDMA's name gets pulled thru the mud regardless, since its (supposed to be) the main active ingredient.

    Personally I call bullshit on this. Someone who posted before said it perfectly, heroin today is not exactly produced with users health in mind. I get sick just looking at black tar heroin and thinking about someone shooting it into their veins, and I still occasionally IV this or that. Its easy to think that some batch out there is contaminated with just about anything (virus, bacteria, etc) that could cause a similar reaction to the users body as krokodil would.

  10. TheBigBadWolf
  11. trdofbeingtrd
    There is a drug that is made from electricity and salt water. By itself it's relatively harmless, however, people have found a cheap way using dirt, cow dung, sheep urine, skunk spray, and drano (the stuff you put in your sink), this drug is now 10,000 times more potent than LSD, 5,000 times more physically addictive than heroin, and media is now reporting 20,000 (you read that right, TWENTY THOUSAND) times more bullshit than all these stories about krokodil being in the United States of America. See, with this new drug, there does not have to be any confirmed cases, just wild speculation.

    Now, don't worry because the solution is quite simple, believe EVERYTHING the media puts out there. We don't have a government that would rather try to control the populations use and abuse of psychoactive substances by scare tactics and misinformation to the masses. So, if you don't want to have yourself or a loved one effected by this new drug, simply spread the fear and misinformation yourself.

    "The insanity is not in a person doing the same thing repeatedly and expecting a different result, the insanity is watching our entire species doing the same thing repeatedly and expecting a different result"
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