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  1. Rob Cypher
    Sometime before 8:00 AM on April 3, 2013, 34-year-old Felix Lockett crashed his vehicle into the barrier wall outside an apartment complex.

    When police were called to the scene of the accident, however, the car wreck itself became the least of their worries.

    The weirdness began with Lockett, who had sustained very serious injuries, somehow still being able to strip completely naked and dance in the middle of the street.

    According to a nearby woman who observed the impromptu nude jam session, Lockett had the music on his car stereo blaring and was "whamming on his car...like he was beating to the sound of the music."

    But unfortunately for the police on the scene, Lockett's strange behavior was not the most bizarre or dangerous thing that they would encounter. When one of the officers opened up Lockett's car door, he was overcome by a strong chemical odor that instantly made his eyes water and gave him severe difficulty breathing.

    It turned out that Lockett was mixing marijuana with formaldehyde (yes, the stuff used to embalm dead people) to create a potent brain zapper known on the streets as 'Love Boat.'

    It's worth pointing out that when your life has reached a point that you're using embalming fluid to help you get high at 8:00 in the morning while driving in your car, some serious redirection of your priorities and decision making skills needs to take place.

    But back to the incident: Two more police officers were also exposed to the overwhelming chemical smell, causing all three to require medical attention. A hazmat unit was eventually called in to help remove the toxic materials from the car while Lockett himself was finally convinced to stop dancing so he could be taken to a nearby hospital.

    At this time, Felix Lockett is facing one charge of driving under the influence, although there will likely be more to come once he is released from the hospital.

    (The mugshot is from an arrest in 2010 when he was caught driving without a license.)

    Nick Nafpliotis
    Thursday, April 04, 2013


  1. godztear
    And this entire time I thought people knew that smoking embalming fluid, aka sherm, was a reference to lacing cigarettes or marijuana with PCP. I wonder if this article is confused, are there really people going around smoking formaldehyde these days?

    After googling "love boat drug" I find that it comes directly to formaldehyde, with references of people using it 10+ years ago and still being messed up psychotically. I am thinking that these are cases of people thinking formaldehyde truly is the drug Tupac raps about when they are just misinformed. Smoking formaldehyde can kill you.
  2. alanp007
    This is a common misconception where im from, i hear users swear up and down 'wet' is pcp laced cigs/ joints, and embalming fluid actually contains pcp. I always told em they're crazy lol
  3. Boltzmann
    This will be short, but why is it that the article seems to think that he went "crazy after smoking marijuana dipped in formaldehyde"?

    All jokes aside, it's entirely possible that psychosis was caused by some other drug and the insanity was manifest as he was trying to prepare this monstrosity.
  4. Rob Cypher
    I have to wonder if the guy really was trying to use embalming fluid as opposed to PCP on the weed, considering that the fumes caused a few people to be hospitalized; I don't recall secondhand PCP exposure being considered such a health risk in that regard.
  5. Boltzmann
    That's a good point. Could formaldehyde have been in use as a volatile solvent for dissolving additional compounds into cannabis?
  6. Alien Sex Fiend
    mixing and consumming marijuana with formaldehyde while driving known on the streets as 'Love Boat.'
    lol i guess I'm missing out...

    could it be uninformed people confusing actual embalming fluid(formaldehyde ) with PCP(phencyclidine)? just putting an idea out there
  7. Rob Cypher
    That was my thought as well; I've heard of a few people who fucked themselves up that way by insisting on using real embalming fluid; although I haven't actually personally seen anybody stupid enough to do that in front of me, so that could be an 'urban legend' in itself. Who knows.
  8. eesakiwi
    Urban ledgend. I tried dipping a plant material rolled in paper in Formaldehyde & dried it & lit it & the smell was just like burning wax.
    Like if you dropped a drop of wax onto a red hot hotplate.

    Theres no way anyone could inhale the smoke from it.
  9. MikePatton
    What a shady article, did they test that shit to see that it is actually formaldehyde? Or PCP? Or something completely unrelated? My guess would be that the guy was on PCP, and had some kind of chemical used in the making of the drug in his car which in turn exploded with toxic fumes when he hit the wall.
  10. Rob Cypher
    PCP's pretty complex to make, I've heard; I don't think you could rig that up in a car. Could be wrong though, never done it myself. :laugh:

    Any chemists in here that could verify whether that's possible or not? Without getting into specifics, of course; as I seem to remember that's restricted to certain forums (of which this is not one of).
  11. hookedonhelping
    There are numerous ways to go about making PCP, the most commonly used route calls for 2 fairly involved steps which are not that complex but require enough intelligence to know that attempting it's reaction in a car is a death wish. Hydrogen Cyanide (HCN) is a very real concern and this can be deadly if inhaled. I just can't picture someone with the brains to pull this synthesis off in a home lab being stupid enough to try to do this in a car.

    The problem with media articles like this is that the media gets their information from law enforcement and neither one of them know jack shit about chemicals. L.E often have chemists that they provide with details about the arrest and the chemists speculate on what took place based on that info/evidence. By this time, the media has already released an article on the web/news to be "timely" and "news breaking". Rarely do they back peddles when the real truth is revealed by the chemists. It's all sensationalism.
  12. kailey_elise
    Okay, I know I've mentioned this on other threads where the topic of cigarettes dipped in formaldehyde are smoked. But I've been prescribed a 10% Formalin solution in the past ("a saturated water solution, that contains about 40% formaldehyde by volume or 37% by mass, is called "100% formalin"" -Wikipedia) & that shit is ridiculously caustic to your mucus membranes. I was supposed to apply it to my feet and if I didn't apply it next to a window (preferably with a fan on blowing out), my eyes would burn & in my nose & mouth/throat it felt like I was inhaling particles of sharp glass or something.

    I can't even imagine dipping/spraying any kind of cigarettes with it, nevermind smoking them.

    Also, doesn't formaldehyde evaporate rather easily? Meaning you'd just be inhaling burning perfumes or something. Unless you were trying to smoke them while still damp with formaldehyde/Formalin, in which case - see above about burning mucus membranes.

    What on earth is the matter with people??!

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