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Florida Man Tries to Trade Drugs for McDonald's

  1. Balzafire
    Alexander Lemke may have the hunger of the Hamburglar, but he's clearly got Grimace's smarts

    When faced with growing hunger and a limited budget, most people would find change in the couch cushions and buy a cheeseburger from McDonald's.

    But one Florida man tried to trade marijuana and prescription pills for a couple of burgers at the drive-thru, and now eats the unhappiest meal of all: jail food.

    Police say 20-year-old Alexander Lemke broke into a neighbor's house in Palm Harbor and stole a Toyota Solara Friday night.

    He then drove the car to McDonald's, where he took "lovin' it!" to a whole new level by trying to buy cheeseburgers with drugs.

    Lemke was arrested on the spot, and it got even worse for him than if he'd managed to actually consume food from McDonald's: police not only found a stolen car with a center console stuffed with illegal substances, but discovered he was driving on a suspended or revoked license and facing eight drug-related charges.

    The unfortunate would-be Hamburglar now sits in jail pending bail of $18,550 -- about $18,549 more than if he'd just walked to the store with some change in the first place.

    Updated 11:18 AM EDT, Sun, Jul 25, 2010


  1. cra$h
    lol, such a corny article. But I can guarantee those perscription pills were some kind of benzo. I hear dumb shit like this happen all the time from that drug
  2. godztear
    What if the drugs were already in the vehicle? Perhaps that was the reason for stealing it in the first place. The man was pretty naive thinking he could get a free meal out of drugs, but it does happen from time to time.

    The article was cheesy as hell. ha...ha
  3. Bunnintreez
    lol shoulda just scrounged up a 1.39$....value menu FTW! hahah, but seriously this guy must have somethin wrong with him, thats just plain dumb
  4. fentanylrehab
    He couldve found enough on the ground under the drive thru windows.
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