Florida Mom Pimps 6 Yr Old Daughter for Drugs

By Phungushead · Mar 12, 2012 · ·
  1. Phungushead
    View attachment 25138 A mother of a 6 year old girl in Florida was recently arrested and accused of pimping her 6 year old daughter out to multiple men trading sexual favors with the little girl in return for drugs and money.

    Dalina Nicholas, 39, was busted on a warrant in Columbus, Georgia after a police investigation began of a woman allegedly allowing men to sexually abuse her 6 year old daughter in return for drugs.

    According to a Jacksonville Beach Police report, a homeless man sparked the investigation after reportedly flagging down a police cruiser and alerting the officers of the alleged abuse. The homeless man revealed that he knew of a young girl being sexually abused by several men, which later the young girl was identified as Nicholas' daughter.

    The homeless man said he witnessed Nicholas using drugs, and claimed the sexual abuse of the girl had been going on for about 2 years adding that he was once present when Nicholas allegedly accepted $20 before telling her daughter to get naked and lay on a living room mattress so that one of the men could have oral sex with her.

    The daughter reportedly confided in the homeless man asking him (the witness) to "help her make it stop."

    Initially, when confronted at her Jacksonville Beach apartment, Nicholas denied the accusations of sexual abuse, saying she herself had been abused as a child, so she would know if her daughter was.

    Nicholas daughter however detailed multiple accounts of sexual abuse in her home with various men to the police.

    Nicholas' mother, Debbie Morgan, denies the abuse of her granddaughter as well claiming her granddaughter told her that Nicholas was the one being abused by the drug dealers in her home and was a prisoner to them. Police found no evidence of this claim.

    Three men - Quinn Brooks, 56, John Hagans, 47, and Norman Thompson, 51 - have all been identified as abusers of the girl, and have been charged with capital sexual battery.

    Anyone with information on this crime is asked to call Crime Stoppers at 866-845-TIPS.

    (l. to r.) Dalina Nicholas, 39, Quinn Brooks, 56, John Hagans, 47, and Norman Thompson, 51, arrested on charges of sexual abuse of Nicholas' 6 year old daughter, authorities say.

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  1. Bunnintreez
    That is SOOOOO fucked up....this article gave me the creeps/chills and made me so angry....what kind of mother would let her child go threw that sort of torture so she could get high...i no a lot of people say "you'd do a lot of things you'd never thought you'd do once addicted" but that is just FUCKED!!! its people like this that give drug addicts a terrible name. that child is gonna remember this for the rest of her life, and its gonna do massive damage to her self eestem, confidence, body image, everything, as shes growing up.....there's some sick fucking people in this world, thats for damn sure
  2. hillbilly345
    And they keep breeding. Disgusting! They should all ? I couldnt even think of a punishment fitting enough.
  3. rejectedbysociety
    It sounds like the grandmother started the cycle and made the mother think this was acceptable. Sadly this happens alot. like, a lot, I've been told by several women that that's how their childhood was. Granted they could have just wanted me to feel sorry for them, because I used to always have large quantities of drugs and money, but they can't all be lying
  4. Chaz5773
    That is happening world wide and nation wide Every sick day. Sad to say. Some drugs would make You do about anything. Like Meth,Heroine,Cocaine,Oxycotin and even Alcohol. Abuse stuff Ya abuse Yourself and sometimes even Your Kid's Sad but true People. May God comfort that Child I pray and heal Her.

    It's not The Child's fault it is The Mother's who made wrong Choices which lead to wrong deeds even as horrible as that. Human Trafficing is at a all time High in America RIGHT NOW. My Sis works for The Military and they told Her. Drug Addiction is a desease I understand that but Please either get Help or let You Children stay with Someone like a decent Family member till Ya do. Your Choices Remember that Righty Right !
  5. rejectedbysociety
    Some addicts are good parents. There are definitely some that the drugs affect their parenting, but I know plenty of addicts who are good parents
  6. Karmageddon
    Absolutely revolting! Thank God for the homeless dude that got the ball rolling on this, although one could say that he could have blown the whistle much sooner if he knew it was going on for TWO YEARS! I mean, did he really have to wait until the girl asked him for help if he had been witnessing this for a while? And the grandmother seems to be real scum as well for trying to make the little girl look like a liar. Some people just need to do the world a favor and go play in traffic. And can someone explain to me why these things seem to happen in Florida?? Do scum love the sunshine that much?
  7. TheFakeBass
    Stuff like this makes my blood boil. I knew a girl who this exact same thing happened to. I cannot express my hatred for people who profit off child rape. They are every bit as bad as the rapists.
  8. MrG
    The drugs had nothing to do with it. She was fucked up by her childhood and, in turn, fucked up her own child. She was a drug addict because she was fucked up in one way and abused her daughter because she was fucked up in another way. These people are seriously mentally ill, this isn't sympathy or excuse, this is cold fact.

    It's nurture, not nature.

    There's a similar case linked on that page too:

    In that one they say that the child has been placed with other family members, as if they aren't going to be highly likely to be just as messed up as she is, only not quite as blatantly obvious.

    Dysfunction begats dysfunction.

    The sooner society learns to accept that fact the sooner we can address it across the board with something considerably more proactive than we currently have, which is generally to pick up the pieces after the discovery of an event that is serious enough to trigger the attention of the authorities.
  9. Pinkavvy
    Those pedaphiles will spend a long time in prison, and each and every day they will be attacked and assulted, as that is what happens to punks that sexually abuse kids, and they will deserve every fucking shank they get.
  10. MrG
    Absolutely, they may be mentally ill but, whilst you are not to blame for why you are mentally ill, you are still responsible for the harm you inflict on others as a result of it and this type of harm is the grossest abuse of trust a human being can commit.
  11. alienesseINspace
    As shocked and appalled as I am, I've seen this type of thing in the media a lot. Usually I see news of people pimping their children or selling them into the sex/human traffic industry in other countries. One of my previous supervisors at a previous job was busted for having sex with 4-10 year old girls because he took video tapes in Thailand when he went on vacation alone. His housekeeper played a tape while he was working and alerted the police so he went to jail. It was then noted he had been going to the same cities in Thailand for nearly a decade twice a year...

    It is in my personal opinion that if females were not valuable as sex objects, there would be a much much higher rate of female infanticide or child homicide in some countries, including this one.

    The drudges of society sink lower and lower.
  12. DiabolicScheme
    Its really sad and disturbing how some "mothers" are. The sad thing is that these are the kinds of "mothers" that can't keep their legs shut. It sure seems like a loving and stable home is a rarity for children these days.
  13. cloud_nine
    I agree.
    But that doesn't mean i find her actions excusable.She is obviously a very disturbed and fucked up human being that had no right having children in the first place.She must have already been a sick person,even before getting involved with drugs.The drugs just made it worse but drugs can't be entirely to blame for what she did.This story made me physically sick to my stomach and pissed that this type of crap is happening to innocent kids everyday.I've met some pretty serious addicts but never have I known of someone to sink that low for a quick buck..and i hope i never do.
  14. lowdsrtjon
    This BITCH needs to be strung up by her spread ankles and have honey smeared on her privates and let red ants do there thing on her. She'll get a rush off that I'm sure. LDJ ;);):eek::eek:
  15. Hardstepa
    Drugs have NOTHING to do with this really.I know lots of drug addicts with children who have not and never would do them any harm.That woman was probably abused as a child and continues the circle of abuse.There is no excuse though cos lots of people are abused and they dont inflict it on others.Im usually against violence and capital punishment but paedophiles are the one group of people that deserve it.Lets hope she and those scummy men all get severley punished by their fellow prisoners.Dont know what its like in American prisons but in Britain they all get put on protection usually they have seperate wings for the beasts so they dont have to keep them locked up all the time like what they do with people who have prisoners after them for informing and stuff.The only prison in scotland where they get no seperation is our womens prison Cornton Vale,where thet dish oput real justice to any child sex cases.
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