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Florida Woman Allegedly Shot Up Cocaine INSIDE Sheriff's Office Bathroom

  1. Rob Cypher
    I shot up at the sheriff's!

    Stacy Slabach, of Lutz, Fla. was caught by deputies in the bathroom of the Pasco County Sheriff's Office evidence building -- with a needle full of cocaine still in her arm, Bay News-9 reports.

    The 32-year-old was reportedly at the sheriff's office Tuesday to recover medication in her vehicle, which was impounded last month when she was arrested for driving with a suspended license. While sheriff's deputies worked the situation out, Slabach allegedly went to the bathroom and injected herself with liquefied cocaine, according to the International Business Times.

    The evidence technician who walked in on her said he saw the needle in her arm.

    "We usually don’t have cases where we find people shooting up drugs in our agency’s public restrooms," sheriff's spokeswoman Melanie Snow told the site.

    Slabach admitted to doing drugs in the bathroom, and she was charged with possession of marijuana, cocaine and paraphernalia, the Sun Sentinel reports.

    She was taken to the Pasco County Jail in Land O' Lakes -- on the same property she was caught.

    Huffington Post
    December 5, 2013



  1. swishntoss
  2. menace211
    If she wasn't then, she is now
  3. Ghetto_Chem
    Ya she was either tweaking for another shot or she did it for the rush of it. Shooting cocaine is the ultimate rush, add on top of that the fact that your doing it with cops literally feet away. It reminds me of when I was a kid, the best sex was always when the parents could pop in on you at any second lol.

    Either way, very stupid shit, its sounds like she wasn't even in a stall.

  4. SB1981
    Holy shit! She wanted to get straight to the "point". She wasn't as sharp as what she was using, that's for sure.
  5. tidruid
    She looks a lot older than 32 years old.
  6. swishntoss
    Yeah I was about to say, how did they catch her if she was in a stall... illegal for cams to be INSIDE a stall... but I say to bet ah yeps she was OUT IN THA OPEN!
  7. Burn.the.sky
    Haha that's nothing. My girlfriend and me shot up Heroin in the magistrates bathroom while my boyfriend was being arraigned... we just didn't get caught =P

    (Sorry about the SWIMming, old habits die hard... plus I wanted to brag because it does give me a general sense of badassery, but I didn't exactly want to incriminate myself completely lol)
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