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Florida Woman Had A .413 BAC While Picking Up Kid At School

  1. Rob Cypher
    Normally, this is just a sad case of what I would consider child abuse. But this Florida woman's blood alcohol level was so high it puts the story into "How exactly are you not dead?" territory.

    Pasco County Sheriff's Deputies told TV station WFLA that 27-year-old Renata Congleton arrived at a New Port Richey elementary school to pick up her child. People deduced that she was intoxicated based on the fact that she hit two cars while leaving school grounds.

    Deputies arrived at Congleton's house, leading to a confrontation when she refused to say whether she was involved in an accident. And of course, Because Florida, she kicked and scratched at one deputy while being handcuffed.

    Authorities later learned the woman's blood alcohol content level was .413, which is more than five times the legal limit in Florida. It's also well within the potentially fatal range.

    The TV station reports Congleton was later charged with neglect of a child, battery on a law enforcement officer, and resisting an officer with violence.

    Parenting — Florida style!

    Patrick George
    Code 3
    September 9, 2014



  1. AKA_freckles
    That's just .003 under AmyWinehouse's bac. Same age and everything. Crazy. Her poor kid, everyone at school better be nice to her!
    I hope that mom gets real help.
  2. Dimethylysergicalyblessed
    She hypothetically could have gone home and drank a lot more after crashing her car into those people... But idk, it is Florida, .4 BAC might be normal for her.
  3. chupamivergaguey
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