Flour-filled condoms!!

By old hippie 56 · Jan 9, 2007 · ·
  1. old hippie 56
    Swim almost forgot about this story.

    PHILADELPHIA (Reuters Life!) - A U.S. college student imprisoned for three weeks for trying to take flour-filled condoms onto an airplane has settled her lawsuit against Philadelphia for $180,000, a city spokesman said on Friday.

    Janet Lee, 21, a student at Bryn Mawr College in Pennsylvania, was arrested at Philadelphia International Airport in 2003 after police and security officials thought the flour was an illegal drug.

    She was held in Philadelphia on drug-trafficking charges and released only when tests proved the substance in the three condoms was flour.

    The condoms, which are sometimes used to smuggle drugs, were a joke among the students, and Lee was taking them home to Los Angeles.

    Her civil rights case against Philadelphia, which had been set to go to trial on Thursday, was settled for $180,000, said Ted Qualli, spokesman for Philadelphia Mayor John Street.

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  1. Paracelsus
    That happened exactly to see what the authorities will do.

    SWIM one day got an idea about dealing with plastic bags filled with flour on the street, in the sight of the police. He decided the fun wouldn't be worth the wounds, newspaper articles and nights in jail.

    Let's see what this story will bring. Holding an innocent person in jail for three weeks (until the tests came out) is intolerable. The authorities probably have seen this as a direct offense to them (who would carry flour, salt, etc. in condoms), and decided to keep this girl locked up for a good while. The simplest 5-minute test would have shown that the "drug" is nothing.
  2. emineo
    Freedom is inversely proportional to safety.

    There are people who are dead set to provide for your safety. Safety as THEY define it.

    They will not take no for an answer. In fact, their idea of safety is the only one they will abide by, and they will not allow for any amendments to their rules by YOU.

    From time to time, they will decide you are not able to protect you from yourself, so they will take away some of your freedom in order to make you safer. Aren't you happy you can be mindless consumers and let someone else tell you how to experience your one and only fleeting conscious experience as a human being? Thanks big brother!

    There will always be people who are willing to fight back. Perhaps this person was, perhaps they weren't. Bryn Mawr in Pennsylvania is an all girl equivelant to the Ivy League, so I doubt she was making a trial run at a future attempt at doing it with the real thing. Her parents probably pay for all her bills and indulgences anyway.

    In any case, this kind of stunt is pretty dangerous. Any hint that this is an organized effort to erode the undisputed control exercised over the American citizen vassal and someone will be made an example of.

    But... This is the kind of thing that could eventually win freedoms back in the US.

    Thanks to daddy's rich girl the Gov now has 180 grand less to employ people that immorally appropriate private property.
  3. old hippie 56
    Proves that it don't matter if your daddy got money or the right connections, if you mess with the man, you will go to jail. The point here is that the girl spent 3 weeks in lock-up over a damn joke that went horribly wrong. IMHO 180K is not enough.
  4. Riconoen {UGC}
    Dammit, posted it before I could! ;)

    This just proves these field drug testing kits don't work, I heard about this one lady awhile ago who was reported to the police by the head of the dorm she was staying at becuase she had sime tea that looked suspisciously like weed, well they did they field test kit on it and it turned positive so they threw her in the pokey, her parents got a lawyer and he did a demonstrationm with a field testing it that everything from dog hair to baking powder turned up positive for mj, likewise the case was thrown out and she was released.
  5. emineo
    SWIM should volunteer to field test suspicious green sticky weed-like substances that smell like skunk #1 ;)
  6. old hippie 56
    Speaking of field tests, been noticing a lot of cases down south of swim area being thrown out for coming back negative. Mostly meth, but also some coke.
  7. Nagognog2
    These same test-kits (and their typical chemical: cobalt thiocyanate) are also used in a monetary-scam for lead-paint. A crooked contractor is asked to paint a house. He dabs some "lead-test" on the house and announces: "It's lead paint, lady! That'll cost yez a'nudder 10 grand ta remove! It's da law!"
  8. Jadegreen
    I read about this in a different article, and it stated that she used the flour filled condoms as a type of stress ball. So perhaps it wasn't just a "Let's see if I can smuggle drugs lol" type of thing.
  9. darawk
    Look at this:


    They claim it turns the same color for Cocaine, PCP, Meth, and Heroin, but it doesn't turn that color consistently for lidocaine, benzocaine, ephedrine, etc...There's no way that's realistic. No one chemical will identify all major illegal drugs by turning the SAME color with almost no false positives even for extremely similar molecules to illegal substances. Since when does nature mold itself in the image of our laws?
  10. monkeygone2heaven
    am i the only one who thinks actually doing this and spending 3 weeks in jail was stupid? i mean it's not like it proved anything super-substantial. the US law enforcement is crude and brute-force and overly macho.. i'm really shocked!

    remember that drugs are already available to the rich in the US... just look at the president and his daughters! i know from people around me that if you have health insurance and go complain about pain, you will be given some high-grade opiates same day! or if you are a 40 yr old (white) rich business exec repeatedly caught with possession of marijuana, you will NOT go to jail, even after the 20th time... if while intox. you get in a car accident or sex with a minor or something they will have to send you to rehab. since the people who are well-off have a system that works for them, there is little incentive to legalize drugs for the rest of the people. and jokes like this are not going to make anythig better.

    the only thing which will work, and very small chance, is appealing to the policy-makers. this person may have enjoyed the joke and felt like she did something important, but in my view it's at best pointless and stupid, at worst harmful to the cause of injecting some sense into drug laws.

    don't hate me y'all - just my 2 cents...
  11. BeetleJuice
    would would happen if someone had fake dynamite at an airport? dont they deserve to be locked up for INTENTIONLY causing distruptions? the bitch dont deserve the money, kinda like someone going into a store pulling out a gun n demanding all the all the cigarets or somthing and then paying for it when leaving.
  12. Zentaurus41
    Cool Idea, I fly out to europe soon, maybe I can cash in on this too, three weeks in jail and £100,000 when i get out woot!!
  13. AntiAimer

    Hope Smurf'ET didn't do so. Since it's still a crime to sell fake drugs\attmpt to. Then they can even give you a conspiracy to sell\traffic a controlled substance, maybe even fraud? Be alot more then just nights in jail, also would make Smurf'ET look really stupid and desperate.

    Same would happen if you tryed to rob a store with a fake gun or a candy bar under your shirt. Or even your hand under your shirt. Stupid ideas that some retard has already tryed.

    She should get money, people need to stop assumeing sh!t. It's like someone walking in a airport nowadays and being racial profiled because what they have on there heads or faces or the color of there skin or even what t-shirt the have on. Only reason why she's getting away with money is because there's no crime in haveing flour in condoms now is there? Nor is it a crime to smuggle flour filled condoms onto plains or across borders last time Smurf checked. They would have to proove, she had other plans for the flour filled condoms,i.e. pawning them off like there real drugs. The only crime commited was the police nagging her. And in this day and age, the firt chance someone gets to sue...they will. Members have stated, it was a joke....but if she didn't state this how do you know? and if she did, a crime has been commited and Smurf dosen't see how she would get money. (Revert back to the assumeing statement)

    What Smurf want's to know is, how they even knew she had them. Maybe she shouldn't get money and deserved to have a few days in jail, for being stupid. If one has anything other then metal on his person, he\she should be just fine getting across the metal detectors. Unless they fall into to the 'random' search.

    Anyways Smurf thinks this is a better reason to sue then some fat lady being burned because she thought hot coffee isn't really hot and drinking while driveing is safe. But then again, these both involve retards looking for a way to piss someone off and some easy money.
  14. c_lectric
    swim knows someone which whose house was raided by the police... they called for reinforcments (at the end they were 6 policemen and ladies und a dog) - all they found was a small item, dont know the english name(german: Dosierer), its this one here:


    with 1g amphetamine (maybe 10% amph. at all). they tested it with a field testing kit and said it was PURE cocaine ^^

    the funny thing: there was another plastic bag with 1 g amphetamine in the room. it was on the table under the ashtray... the dog didn't find this one. (the "dosierer" he found was in the sofa).

    in a letter from the prosecutor they said they had found 10 gramms!!!
    of a cocaine - amphetamine mixture. seems the weighted the "dosierer" with its contents :DDDD
    later the accusal was withdrawed because the quantity was way too less for a trial.

    seems our policemen are real geniusses.
  15. Paracelsus
    SWIM didn't actually plan to sell anything to anybody, but giving a little plastic baggie full of white powder to a friend (who knows what SWIM is doing). If SWIM would've gone to court, he could've simply said that his friend wanted to borrow some flour and he brought him some. Simple.
  16. c_lectric
    everybody should walk with big bags of flour on the street (in sight of officers).
    lets drive them crazy :D
    if we do this often enough, in a few years we could walk with bags containing other things than flour on the street and no one will care ;)
  17. AntiAimer
    True if everything went smoothly....cops are cops and Smurf'ER would had to get the story straight with his\her friend. Because even giveing away drugs is illegal fake or not. One simple slip up and if the cops a dick(which most are) bam. There would have to be no say about drugs, joke or not. Would have stick with bakeing some bread or something, ha ha.

    So all Smurf was saying is, be careful.
  18. Euthanatos93420
    I REALLY like Paracelsus' idea about flour with the excuse of a friend needed to borrow a cup to make (hmm....BROWNIES! thats a nice little pun to smack them with). Do it when one goes to court. Swim doesnt drive as a personal protest against the Oil industry (and because he's fucking poor) so he carries a backpack with him almost EVERYWHERE and will make a special point of doing just this. In fact he really does have a special old lady friend has in fact brought such minor food items to on several such occaisions...it all fits together so perfectly. Fuckin genius. This condom guy was a fuckin genius. Airports? Condoms? FLOUR??? $180,000?!?!? FUCK! Why did I think of that shit??!?!?!?! damn it! This beats the MCD coffee even if he only scored 1/5 of the dough (HA! okay...i'll stop with the puns now).
  19. fiveleggedrat
    I have a question: What would happen if 100's, if not 1000's of people attempted to get arrested with fake drugs, only to make some kind of political statement? Wouldn't the media eat a situation like this up?
  20. Euthanatos93420
    Swim's is DOWN like a KILLER CLOWN. LETS DO IT!

    Sounds remarkably similar to another idea he had that he simply called echelon.spam

    Details should be pretty obvious...
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