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By lkt004 · Jun 24, 2015 ·
  1. lkt004
    I work in a restaurant a few mornings a week doing some prep and cleaning, as most of my work is from home and it's an easy $600 extra per week. On this particular day it was a 5am start and i knew i had a 9am deadline the following day, this was not going to be a sober day.

    Started with my usual coffee, got some work done, drank 100mL of grapefruit juice when i got there, then dropped;

    10mg oxycodone/naloxone at around 8.30am

    10mg methylphenidate at around 11am

    This brought about a nice buzz, the euphoria from the oxy had started to wear off once i hit 11.30 but still had that i want to hug everyone and chat to them at work, figured i'd take some ritalin.

    This got me through until about 3.30pm, all euphoria gone but the focus still there. Had 2 shots of coffee at 5pm and then 30mg of methylphenidate, this brought about a surge in energy and euphoria until around 11pm.

    I didn't take anything until around 1am now, another 20mg of methylphenidate, got the beginnings of the anxiety and shakes, which were taken away a little with another 5mg of oxycodone at 1.30am as well as one dose of 1mg clonazepam.

    I then lasted until 4.45am, beating my deadline by close to 4 hours, i then realised i needed to sleep and upped my clonazepam dose to 3mg. Within 35 minutes of laying in bed i was in all sorts of trouble trying to type and write with my fingers on my phone, nodding out (breathing and HR normal). Felt like a zombie, should have used 1 and just waited.

    Woke up around 7 hours later and felt perfect, aside from the fact i was up for 24 on stimulants, i felt like i could have stayed going for another 6 or so hours without touching anything else.

    I was stupid in the end, mixing 3mg of clonazepam with 30mg of slow release oxycodone with all of those stimulants in my system. But all was well in the end and it was over the space of 24 hours, and i learnt lessons which i will test tonight (only need to be focused for 4 hours then immediate sleep for a 5am start).

    Using some comparative analysis, i was approximately 35-40% more productive than the previous night.

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