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Footage emerges of drunk 9-year-old on a scooter who also likes to smoke weed

  1. Rob Cypher
    A drunk nine-year-old boy brags about smoking weed after claiming to have drunk 18 cans of whisky and cola given to him by his auntie, in a disturbing video clip that has emerged on the internet.

    Filmed at a skate park in New Zealand, The Maori youngster is first seen leaning on a wall clutching a can seven per cent strong pre-mixed bourbon and cola before collapsing on the ground.

    When the interviewer asks what he is doing drinking a girl on a scooter claims 'he's allowed' and says he had been given the booze by his aunt who lives nearby.

    After staggering around and slurring incomprehensibly the boy moves away sits down with another group of youngsters.

    But the interviewer follows him over and asks how many cans he has drunk that day, to which the boy replies '18'.

    When the interviewer points out that his aunt could go to jail for supplying him with alcohol the boy begs him not to tell the police.

    When someone in the background mentions smoking cannabis, the boy says: 'I do smoke weed.'

    He then walks across the skate park to join a group of older children. Among them is a teenager who claims to be the boy's brother and says: 'He's Maori, he's different'.

    Incredibly the 'brother' does not seem to be at all concerned about the youngster's welfare claiming it is alright and that he was drinking at the age of nine also.

    After the interviewer suggests he could collapse and die from alcohol poisoning at any moment the teenager replies: 'Does he look dead to you?'

    As the atmosphere becomes noticeably more aggressive the interviewer and cameraman decide to leave.

    When police arrived at the scene in Fairfiled, a suburb of the city of Hamilton, the boy had disappeared, but they found out where he lived and spoke with his mother who was described as being 'distraught'.

    A police spokesman said he was appalled that not only had the boy had been supplied with alcohol by an adult but that victimising footage of him drunk had been uploaded to the internet.

    A spokesman said: 'I see the drunken activities of adults who one would think could make good choices in life. But to have a vulnerable young boy consuming alcohol is very appalling.'

    The boys father, who has not been named, told the New Zealand Herald he had separatred from the mother and now had little contact with his son. He said: 'My heart is ripping out at the moment, I'm trying to hold it together. It's hard. I haven't seen my boys in that long, you know, and to have somebody ring me up stating that they've seen my son on YouTube wasted as fuck, as it says on there - to me, that's an unfit mother, right there.'

    The man who uploaded the footage to the internet said he had done so to highlight the issue.

    Daniel Miller
    Daily Mail
    January 9, 2014



  1. Alien Sex Fiend
    I ve seen that video, it seems authentic. he probably lied like all kids do, about 18cans, he probably stole one from an adult. he is clearly had just one for his weight, he still scooters. there is no weed in the video. I first tried alcohol about his age when adults got drunk at New Years and I kept drinking leftovers from all cups.
  2. kumar420
    Its a daily mail article, so basically its 99.5% hearsay
    As said before, the kid probably stole a can or two of premix, drank 2/3 of one and was pretty tipsy. If he could ride a scooter he obviously hadn't consumed much alcohol, let alone alcohol and weed

    still a bit irresponsible for the adults to leave cans of booze lying around (unless it was a party and the lil bastard nicked a couple)
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