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Footballer to repay 'drug money'

By fnord · Apr 1, 2007 ·
  1. fnord
    from the bbc:

    Mark Ward admitted possessing cocaine
    A former Premiership footballer jailed for drug offences has been ordered to pay back almost £10,000 at a proceeds of crime hearing.

    Mark Ward, 44, a former midfielder for Manchester City, Everton and West Ham, was jailed in 2005.

    He was arrested after cocaine with a street value of up to £645,000 was discovered in a raid at a house rented in his name in Prescot, Merseyside.

    Liverpool Crown Court heard he had benefited by more than £35,000.

    Henry Riding, prosecuting, said only £9,920 could be recovered from the sale of Ward's MG car and £1,750 found at his home.

    Guilty plea

    Judge John Phipps ordered that he repay the money within three months or face a further six months in jail.

    Ward was jailed at Liverpool Crown Court in October 2005 after pleading guilty to possessing cocaine with intent to supply.

    The court heard Ward agreed to rent a house on behalf of a contact where the stash of drugs were kept.

    He admitted he knew the drugs were kept at the property but denied he was the owner.

    Ward began his career at 16 as an apprentice for Everton but was released at 18.

    He returned for a second spell until joining Birmingham at the age of 32.


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