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  1. moda00
    Posted this to my blog on April 8th:
    "Tapering.. 50% down from my highest dosing point so that means one is halfway there right? Gotta get off this methadone.. holy shit has the clinic system in general and one's clinic in particular gone to crap. Power tripping nazis who treat you like less than human- even when you have years of clean UAs and program compliance.. one has GOT to get out before something happens to worsen this situation.. not a good feeling."

    April 23rd= shit hit the fan.
    (See previous post)

    See a pattern? Proof right there of retaliatory action (read: ILLEGAL). I have feared this for a long time.

    Not that I am going to give them my DF blog to enter into the evidence locker LOL.

    See my latest update and wish me luck please. Monday's the day- meet with the clinic admins, and more importantly, the doc I have been trying to get in with who may be willing to take over my case and finish my taper!? Could it be too good to be true?

    Good vibes needed, or prayers if you're a'praying sort of person...


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  1. MiMoMo
    "Good vibes needed, or prayers if you're a'praying sort of person..."

    '''''MoMo and his 20 cats all purring, vibrating, prayin' 'n meowing toward Mecca, er, I mean, Moda. Pretty please, hoping and a wishing that you make Monday seeing your personal Doc without doing something kooky that lands you upside down. Get you that custom Hollywood Doc, like old Elvis and you'll be a'right. Just beware Michael Jackson's Doc.

    Riveting documentary leaves me speechless. But must type our celebration of your valiant efforts. My entire household is cheering you on. Oh, and Happy Mom's Day, too! The 'MoMo clan.
  2. moda00
    Thank you to all the Momo cats :) All those purring vibes are well received and will continue to make their way through through time and space to configure themselves where their energies are needed :vibes:

    Indeed, I have been wondering if moving to Hollywood/LA would allow for more, uh, "individualized" medical treatment LOL, but unsure that trade-off would be worth it :s
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